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Who we are

The History of BarbarHouse s.r.l.

Have you ever heard of an intuition, of an idea born from enterprising young minds that in a few years turned into a successful reality? That`s who we are, the story of Barbarhouse was born just like that. It was 2007, January 17th, and in Casarano, in the heart of Salento in Puglia, Barbarhouse srl was born, the company to which today the Perle di Puglia and Salento Case Vacanze brands belong. .

Years pass, good ideas grow and make themselves known. This is what happened to us at Barbarhouse srl: but the intuition has deeper roots and to tell it we need to get to 1998. It is in that year that the very young Antonio Barbara registers the domain barbarhouse.com, for the activity Of landlords in a building owned, together with his brother Giovanni. It works!

The Perle di Puglia circuit

The Barbara brothers begin to look around to expand the Barbarhouse business and contact owners of houses and villas with appeal that from 2005 onwards become Perle di Puglia in the catalog of the perledipuglia.com domain created for charming villas and prestigious residences. In continuous growth, BarbarHouse is recruiting new partners ready to take off in the tourist real estate market.

So, we said, arrives on January 17, 2007 and BarbarHouse s.n.c. is born. founded by the partners Enrico Pisan�, Riccardo Schirinzi and Antonio Barbara, flanked by Giovanni who in the meantime embarked on a banking career. Perledipuglia.it becomes a dynamic portal, the first in Italy which offers the possibility to interact and book villas and holiday homes online. Salento-CaseVacanze.it was born in 2010, dedicated to tourist rentals other than “luxury villas”. In 2014, the growing turnover justifies the conversion of the legal form from s.n.c to s.r.l. with entry among the partners of Barbara Giovanni who from that moment began to give her great impetus.

With the arrival of Salento Case Vacanze to compensate for the possibility of renting houses and apartments for all needs and budgets , the growth of Barbarhouse did not come never arrested again. The Barbarhouse team has grown, welcoming new recruits, new collaborators, new enthusiasms year after year: a crew of talents animated by a single motto: ad maiora!

Our mission

Barbarhouse, branching off into Perle di Puglia and Salento Case Vacanze, is the most complete tourist network specialized in the rental of luxury villas, holiday homes and small accommodation facilities such as bed and breakfast, residences and small hotels . We involve the owners without any affiliation fee : our mission is the greatest satisfaction for all the parties involved, the owners, the tourists and all our team.

For Barbarhouse structures, especially for properties in Perle di Puglia and Salento-Case Vacanze, we guarantee the owners maximum visibility both in our networks and on the channels of our national and international partners, to reach the contractually defined economic objectives. We also deal with the fiscal, legal and accounting management of all aspects.

Our Values ​​

The charter of values ​​is the foundation of the corporate culture of Barbarhouse srl. The scale of values ​​is the synthesis of the fundamental principles that inspire our daily choices and actions, it defines the commitments we take on with customers, partners and collaborators of Perle di Puglia and Salento-CaseVacanze. In the first place there is ethics and customer orientation : we work together to build lasting partnerships.

Then there are: Responsibility with which we carry out actions and choices, even risky or bizarre, to fulfill the commitments undertaken with integrity, honesty and fairness: we are the first to demand it from ourselves; the entrepreneurial spirit and motivation of each of the Barbarhouse staff members; process orientation that makes us look for and find the best solutions.

And again the orientation to change of the never static organizational structure, which is continually perfected and adapted to the needs of the market and to the cultural changes of society. The corporate climate and team spirit : serenity and respect in the workplace begin with the serenity and respect with which we approach our colleagues.

Last but not least: environmental and social enhancement , for which we pay maximum attention to the weight of our economic, ecological and social responsibility and support scientific, artistic and cultural initiatives in the area; the transparency with which we establish collaborations and sign agreements; the legality in the name of which we move every step in Barbarhouse srl.

Our staff

Who we are? We are a crew of talented people, oriented towards full customer satisfaction, animated by an entrepreneurial spirit, motivated and genuine. In the staff of Barbarhouse there is respect, understanding, cooperation. In every company branch, trained and competent people work. In administration there are Antonio, Giovanni and Paolo Barbara. The accountancy and the proprietary service are managed by Enrica Palma, Aurora Cavalera, Marcella Trani and Eleonora Greco. In the Sales department we have Enrico Pisan�, Federica Fersini and Pierluigi Sabato, while the Channels are Svetlana Contaldo, Simona De Lorenzo and Alessandro Serio.

We are Social

Salento-Case Vacanze and all our portals are present on the most important social networks. Salento Case vacanze � on Facebook with a page of about 50 thousand followers, but also on Instagram with a profile that in a few months has reached almost 1000 real followers.

We are on all the most important social networks to share daily the news in the catalog, the offers, our last minute but also to give Salento Case Vacanze e Perle di Puglia customers all the useful tips to better enjoy your holiday in one of our villas and holiday homes, b & bs and farms, from Valle d`Itria to Salento , from the beautiful beaches of the Ionian to on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, in Albania .

Our social commitments

Barbarhouse srl is not only a solid company, with healthy values ​​and oriented towards the customer and the entrepreneurial and team spirit. With Perle di Puglia and Salento-CaseVacanze we are also for sustainability, environmental and social . We encourage and support the development of a healthy economic and entrepreneurial fabric that can generate social value. We participate in initiatives and projects of art and culture, training, research, solidarity, health.

We care about the needs of the community and contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of the community. How do we transform this into well-being for the community?

  • We were the main sponsor of the men`s Volleyball team in Casarano, the Perle di Puglia Casarano Volley that we accompanied from salvation in Serie C, to the victory of the Puglia Cup in 2018, to the conquest of Serie B in 2019 where he sub-entered a main sponsor suited to the B series Leo Shoes of Csarano and currently the fight for the A series (corona virus permitting); In 2019 we were also the main sponsor of the women`s team where unfortunately it did not win promotion to the playoffs.
  • We are sponsors of the Casarano Rally Team rally team led by the driver and well-known entrepreneur Fernando Primiceri in the Rally Citt� di Casarano event.
  • we are the sole sponsor of the literary competition that bears the name of the Casaranese historian Gino Pisan�;
  • we have set up a scholarship to the placetelling school of the University of Salento.

Our main partners

With our values ​​of ethics, customer orientation, transparency, we aim for profitable and long-lasting partnerships , which can fully satisfy all parties. This is why we have chosen solid, trusting relationships for our partner companies as well, which enhance people and talents.

Beforweb srl

Beforweb srl is the communication agency born from the ever growing needs of Barbarhouse srl and which, in a few years, has conquered its independence and embarked on its own path, becoming a all effects a lively reality. Beforweb srl has a team of computer programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, SEO marketing and Google certified Sem specialists.

Beforweb srl deals with Salento Case Vacanze, and for Barbarhouse more generally, of project management , creation and optimization of websites , social media management and marketing , Sem and Ppc , Seo Copy & Content writing , photo and video services (also with drone), graphics, software and management.

InPuglia srl ​​

One of the longest-running partnerships of Barbarhouse is the one with InPuglia srl ​​, a real estate investment company that guarantees the enhancement of the property portfolio through tourism management. Real estate investment is the key to a vision that led to the creation, in 2013, of this company that bets on elit tourism in Salento and that in 2019 inaugurated the splendid Perla Saracena accommodation facility in Torre Pali.

If you wanted to know who we are and you have come this far in reading now you will know that this is Barbarhouse. This is our story.