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Search for houses for rent in Puglia

Need case vacanze in Puglia? Here you will find excellent deals on

If you want to search for a holiday house for rent in Apulia without any type of inconvenience, do not miss the opportunity, check our website, where you'll find a list of properties ideal for your holiday.
Your search found 119 villas
Campomarino di Maruggio
Villa Diamante
  • 8 + 2
  • 4
  • 3
  • < 500 m
San Pietro in Bevagna
Casa Bouganville
  • 8 + 2
  • 3
  • 3
  • < 500 m
San Cataldo
Giardino dell`Eden
Antica Masseria Casa Ross
Villa Marazia
  • 8 + 3
  • 4
  • 3
  • < 500 m
Residence Zefiro
Castro Marina
Residence La Grotta
Acquarica Del Capo
Antica Dimora Stasi
  • 8 + 4
  • 4
  • 4
  • < 15 km
Santa Caterina
Villa Benny
Residence Mare Blu
Santa Maria di Leuca
Casa Marchello
Appartamenti Agapò
Santa Maria di Leuca
Terra Greci Apartments
Complesso delle Antiche R
San Pietro in Bevagna
Villa Stella Blu
  • 9 + 3
  • 4
  • 2
  • < 500 m
San Pietro in Bevagna
Villa La Fontana
Residence Salento Living
Laghi Alimini
Torre Pali
Perla Saracena Luxury Sui
Villa Elmar
  • 7 + 3
  • 4
  • 4
  • < 500 m
Porto Cesareo
B&B Imperial Exclusive Ro
Joy Home B&B and apartmen
Villa Vespucci
  • 9 + 2
  • 4
  • 5
  • < 5 km
San Pietro in Bevagna
B&B A Casa Noscia

How to search for a holiday home in Puglia

summer is getting closer, with his days in endless, hot, and you, after much work and a thousand commitments, you do not see the hour to leave you to greet the office and all the daily tasks, to relax, finally a bit’? Of course, sometimes also organize the start can become something stressful, because it is not always so easy to find in no time a location for your summer holidays, but the choice becomes even more difficult when one has in mind the place and not the type of hotel at which to stay, to relax completely. 

Just for this, if sometimes you have to write online “I am looking for holiday house for rent in Puglia”, in the hope to locate hotel or the home of your dreams to leave behind the routine, to find really what you so much wanted to be able to book, we will try to help you step by step in the planning of your next holidays houses in Apulia fully equipped for the holiday. 

On our portal, in fact, is this really a great list of apartments in the Salento area of private who decide to put their real estate for those wishing to enjoy the most beautiful and beloved of the periods of the year in a lighthearted way, moving in a location with a dream. 

If your ideal vacation would be spent inside a hotel, then you may find when renting a house for your holiday in Salento, the sea private the most comfortable solution for your relaxation in this corner of our country without even having to spend a lot of money, and can therefore organize in the best way your days by the sea, caters for the needs of your family. 

about the search for a house to rent for holidays in Puglia, ideal for large groups, we can't not emphasize how often it is not so easy to find a house, ad hoc, a problem that is particularly acute further where travel in the company of a pet. 

unlike many other operators who may not bend on a matter of this kind, since they prefer the idea of offering only accommodation suitable for those who move without their four-legged friends, we decided to select houses for rent in Puglia from private individuals that are available as well for those who do not wish to separate their dogs when they travel. 

Of the rest, to those who would like to be left at home, while the rest of the family for some holiday destination that is particularly beautiful, without being able to so participate in many new and exciting activities, having to instead continue to live their days full of routine? Our website, then, comes to help to allow you to share the happy moments of the holidays with your four-legged friends: and in the next section, you will find many other good reasons for which you should recommit yourself to our agency.

Organize your holidays in Puglia, according to your needs

Starting from the assumption that not everyone likes the standardized solutions, and even less for their holidays, we decided to make a collection of well diversified and vacation rentals in Puglia in Salento with swimming pool or with the ability to make tasty barbecue, own per respond to the needs of potentially different vacationers, allowing all our customers to find something to their liking. 

To make you immediately aware of the variety of proposals that distinguishes our portal, we invite you simply to take a look at the special sections with ads, where in just a few clicks, you'll have the ability to locate all of the apartments or homes affordable holiday for the month of August (or any other time of the summer) in which to bring your family or your friends to have fun all together.nbsp;

If I tried in so particular a location in which you will find a pleasant nightlife, maybe not to spend too much money taking advantage of the convenience of the off-season, we could not suggest to you to search for holiday homes in Puglia, an economical Gallipoli, because the same may be precisely the ones that make your case for not giving up the fun without spending too much money. 

it should Be remembered that this locality is considered to be – at the moment – one of those that is most in vogue among the young in search of fun during the summer in the south: this destination, in fact, combines in a unique way the possibility to enjoy a cocktail during the night parties on the beach to the sound of music with a sea that does not fear comparison with many other locations of Puglia. 

If you want to organize your holidays with an eye towards budget, our you could easily find many other places of economic in Puglia for the months of may and September in which to stay, provided to be able to establish what your ideal holiday, whether they should be present – or not – certain buildings or tourist attractions. 

In the case where you could arrange your departure at the last moment, without having to plan too your dates of departure and return, you can also take the opportunity to rent one of the best holiday homes in Puglia, with a package last minute, so as to benefit from the best ratio between quality and price. 

Now and then you will not have to think “how do I look for a holiday home in Puglia between the cheaper” without knowing which site to go, since you can always refer to our agency, which has been active for 12 years in this sector and guarantees a widespread presence on the territory to provide a service of quality. 

Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we can help you find your house ideal holiday in Puglia, in the rule, in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy. 

In case of questions, then, you can also contact our call-center, by addressing your requests to our employees, also in the case where due to an unexpected availability of one of the holiday homes in Salento in July or August, is no longer guaranteed, so as to be placed quickly in a other apartment of your liking. 

you have to do is that you are immediately looking for one of the best holiday homes in Puglia the economic for the month of August: in the alternative, we suggest you take a look at the month of September, when the prices for holiday homes in Puglia are definitely more competitive!