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holiday Houses in Salento, sale

Good offers of homes for the vacations in the Salento

by Choosing one of the most beautiful holiday houses in Salento sale, you can realize the dream of having a beautiful house where to spend always vacation from dream in this beautiful Italian region.
Your search found 6 villas
Torre Lapillo
Appartamento Lago Sereno
  • 5
  • 2
  • 1
  • < 500 m
Appartamento Lago Sereno is a holiday home for rent in Torre Lapillo, on the first floor of a building. Up to 5 guests. Pets are allowed._en
Torre Lapillo
Villa Ventodimare
  • 6 + 2
  • 3
  • 2
  • < 1 km
Villa Ventodimare is a beautiful holiday home near the beach of Torre Lapillo, with air conditioning, lavatrice,parking space. It can accommodate up to 8 people. _en
Punta Prosciutto
VDC - Villino Zaffiro
  • 4 + 2
  • 2
  • 2
  • < 500 m
Villino Zaffiro is an independent holiday in villa, with internet and air conditioning, by the beach of Porto Cesareo. It accommodates up to 6 guests._en
Punta Prosciutto
VDC - Villino Rubino
  • 4 + 2
  • 2
  • 2
  • < 500 m
Villino Rubino is an independent holiday in villa, with internet and air conditioning, by the beach of Porto Cesareo. It accommodates up to 6 guests._en
Punta Prosciutto
VDC - Attico Smeraldo
  • 8 + 3
  • 4
  • 4
  • < 500 m
Attico Smeraldo is an apartment on the first floor with internet, air conditioning and safe on the beach of Porto Cesareo. It accommodates up to 11 guests._en
Punta Prosciutto
VDC - Depandance Topazio
  • 2 + 3
  • 1
  • 1
  • < 500 m
Dependance Topazio is a holiday home in a villa by the beach in Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo. With air conditioning and internet. For 4-5 guests._en

Why looking for a house for sale in Salento?

You are lovers of holidays to the sea and, from this point of view, you would really like to have a beautiful house, located near some seaside resort in which to relax once in a while? 

Then you should consider the idea of take a look at the best sales of homes in the Salento al mare, because in this way you could find a beautiful residence to enjoy your romantic getaways in the company of your soul mate. 

On the market, without any shadow of a doubt, there is a good selection of properties of this kind, so that makes it a bit more complicated in the choice of the best of the homes for holidays in Salento because every small town of this beautiful peninsula has something unique to offer to its holidaymakers.

Course unlike the option of renting accommodation for the holidays, it must be said that the choice to go in search of one of the most beautiful houses in sale in the Salento area of private also implies the need to adopt specific precautions to avoid making a purchase without precautions. 

the first thing you should keep in mind that the purchase of a property you bind substantially to a location: well, you can then decide, in your turn, offer your home to rent for holidays, to other people, your role as the owner will always cause a series of precise requirements. 

For this reason, when you find ads related to houses for sale in Lecce but this advice is valid for any other part of our Apulia region (and the world in general) you should ask yourself which type of bond you could develop with a certain territory and, especially, if you are also willing to take charge of the tasks that are the responsibility of the homeowners.

On the other hand, you should not even forget about to ask you the reason of certain offers very affordable relating to the sale of holiday properties: on the one hand, in fact, a certain location may be less interesting for its skills, while in other cases, there may also be other reasons for the bargain prices of certain houses proposed to the tourists. 

regardless of the fact that you are looking for homes for sale in Salento with 50,000 euros, or at a lower price, you should then go in search of a reliable partner as regards the management of the sale, because only in this way might want to ask yourself away from the unpleasant potential consequences that arise from purchases made with traders little professional. 

you would like so much to realize your dream of owning a beautiful house by the sea, where you can spend pleasant periods away from the city? 

Then you are looking for immediately in the Salento region which houses are available for sale, maybe a house facing the sea  on the market and do not hesitate to contact us: although primarily we are used to treat the rent of houses for holidays in Apulia, our agency also takes care of handling all the professionalism of the case, the sale of this type of housing.

Where to find the best houses for sale in Salento sea front?

If after a trip in the salento peninsula are fascinated by all the qualities of the qthis unique earth, do not worry. Lots of other tourists, just like you, after having visited this part of Italy you are in love with the uniqueness of Puglia. In the following, we are determined to go in search of the best holiday homes in Salento available in sale to purchase the residence for the vacations of their dreams. 

If you are in search of for sale a house in salento with a view of the sea prices rise a lot, but also the opportunity to live extraordinary moments in their own home and rent rents higher, thus increasing the profitability. In reference to the profitability you can also look into selling a B&B in the Salento: you can secure a room for you and the possibility  to accommodate other paying passengers.

Choose to buy one of the most exclusive homes in sale in the Salento, on the ionian coast it is really the best way to enjoy something that, in addition to last in time, is intended to deliver a lot of satisfaction each time that you can enjoy a short (or long) break from the everyday routine. 

is Not a waiver of to buy a detached house for sale in salento, on the Adriatic coast from Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme  up to Otranto: a house with a view overlooking the sea is the top that you could wish for.

However, like any rare gem, a beautiful home to spend the holidays in Puglia, is to be sought with all the wisdom of the case, taking into account your needs, since in some cases you might prefer buying one of the more simple (or otherwise exclusive) independent houses for sale in the most beautiful places of Salento. 

We recommend purchasing an independent house, completely renovated or a new construction, with at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms on a single floor (ground floor with garden) or on two floors (with a sea view on the first floor) of course, a few steps from the sea. 

In the body of the factory, the kitchen must be habitable and wide, a living room with a kitchen is not the best because the smells are spreading all over the house without supervision. 

The external spaces are needed! A garden with barbecue facilities and sun loungers are desired by all!

As destination, we recommend all of the marine sandy like Torre Vado, The Maldives of Salento, Pescoluse, Punta Prosciutto, Torre Chianca, Torre Pali and Lido Marini.

We offer for sale some of the houses in our own private owners who rent with us from a long time and earning very well from rents. We do not have commercial activity but a Bed & Breakfast for sale is definitely better even if you were to find, just 4 km from the sea.


Where to find a house in salento, in the sale of the economy?

If from a part on the web you can find various offers, ranging from the most expensive homes and valuable to those more economical and accessible, in any case, it is always important to establish the reliability of the offers. Otherwise you run the risk of making a purchase that is anything but satisfying, spending your holidays in dwellings that do not correspond to your need. 

by Contacting our agency, you can count on all of our professionalism in the pursuit of your ideal holiday home at the sea in Salento, between the many real estate in vendeng: thanks to our capillary presence on the territory, in fact, we know exactly what makes each city and, above all, we can help you to understand how much it can be worth a house. 

our experience more than ten years in this sector, moreover, has led us to develop a certain ability in the analysis of the needs of those who are looking for a home to spend the holidays in Puglia, always finding a solution tailored to the different needs of customers.

You have already taken a look at the many announcements, more than a home for the holidays in Salento is available for purchase and, at this point, would you be able to find some property that truly corresponds to your desires? Since you would like to be able to count on the availability of a nice little house in one of the best locations in puglia where you go to relax whenever you feel drained of all energy? 

For any particular request, or even just to get advice related to those that can be the best proposals for the purchase in Salento, one of the best beach houses in sale, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our call center. 

our operators are ready to offer you assistance in five different languages, in the time slots indicated on our website.