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Puglia holiday bonus, here`s how to use it

puglia holiday bonus, here`s how Use it in Travel Agency

Have you decided to use your Holiday bonus in Puglia ? Good idea. Also for 2021 it is active, in fact, the Vacation Bonus of the Revenue Agency, the incentive set up during the year Covid 2020 for supporting families and the tourism sector after the lockdown.

Summer and autumn with Puglia vacation bonus 2021, as works

Despite all the accommodation facilities are enabled to receive the holiday bonus in Puglia there are not many structures that accept them.

In fact by Rodi Garganico a Santa Maria di Leuca , from Porto Cesarean to any other place immersed in greenery there are little more than a hundred structures that accept it. Reason why in 2021 the possibility was extended to use the bonus even in travel agencies and tour operators.

The incentive, up to a maximum of 500 euros varies depending on the number of family members. It can be spent from any of the beneficiaries of the family unit by 31 December 2021 in one of the facilities that adhere to the holiday bonus in Puglia, but also at Travel Agency or Tour Operator.

They can take advantage of all the people who had requested it and should be spent on the Italian territory and in a single solution.

In particular, the sum of the bonus is shared as follows:

  • 80 percent is used by subtracting it from the expense to pay the choice structure;
  • 20 percent is a tax credit in the tax return declaration of the bonus.

On the official website you find the Vademecum of the holiday bonus 2021 with all the latest updates.

Barbarhouse, the first travel agency that accepts holiday bonuses in Puglia and in Salento

Barbarhouse based in Casarano has a long experience in the tourist rentals. Today the agency allows you to take advantage of the incentive. You can book Holiday home , bed and breakfast with a holiday bonus in Puglia, but also villas and houses, trulli and typical houses, in valley d `Itria with Ostuni , cisternino or in the land of Bari with Monopoli, Polignano a Mare.

Or you can opt for seafront residences or inland, for those who want to experience the fluffy beaches of the Ionic Tarantino arch and the crystal clear sea, both on the Ionian coast and on the Adriatic Sea, up to the extreme tip of Salento. The agency can count on a rich and varied catalog present in all provinces of the region.

The holiday bonus in Porto Cesareo, for example is very sought after, but also the agritourisms in Puglia with holiday bonuses are very popular.

How to use the holiday bonus with the Barbarhouse Agency

If you book to one of the facilities that accept vacation bonuses, the same will be managed by the accommodation structure, otherwise the Barbarhouse agency will intermediately intermediate To facilitate your use.

Once in possession of the holiday bonus you need to inform operators in the requests for quote or when booking you intend to use it.

The operator will ask you the tax code and the holiday bonus code and will verify the site of the Revenue Agency. In the event of a positive outcome, it will confirm the reservation and will provide the information for payment of the reservation.

Attention, payment must be paid for use at a single payment at the time of booking.

At the end of the stay the Travel Agency will issue the tax document proving the stay and the amount spent.

We suggest the purchase of the Policy "Travel protected" to avoid the negative risks of a travel cancellation or for any kind of injury that should hit the group during the stay .

IO Italia and digital identity, here`s how to request a holiday bonus

Currently, those who do not request it by 31/12/2020 can no longer request it. There are good news as they are on the screen of the opportunities to be requested again to those who have already used it that the chance to give the chance to get it to those who have not yet done it.

In order to take advantage of the holiday bonus, you need to have a digital identity. Yeah, because the holiday bonus is a digital bonus.

First, in order to be able to request a single substitute declaration for ISEE certification must be presented.

Therefore, it must be given to spid, that is, of a digital identity, or of CIE 3.0, that is of an electronic identity card.

Once in possession of digital identity, you can then download the app I, a free application of the Public Administration, I (I.Italia.it). And then make the access. The app can thus verify the requirements and, in the event of suitability, confirms the amount due, specifying the amount of the discount (80 percent of the bonus) and that of the deduction.

The holiday bonus can be requested on the app starting from 1 July 2020 which thus provides a unique code and a QR-Code. These will be the data that must be communicated to the accommodation structure, when payment of the stay.

structures that accept holiday bonuses in Puglia? Not only hotel but today also holiday homes, B & B and much more.

From today, tourist rentals can also help you use the holiday bonus in Puglia with adherent structures throughout the region. Many are also hotels that accept holiday bonuses in Puglia, often present with their rooms and services also in the catalogs of sector agencies, such as Barbarhouse .

Several are also the B & B in Puglia with the holiday bonus that allow you to enjoy wonderful beaches in Salento, breathtaking views in Valle d`Itria, To relax regenerating the energies.

Better still if all this can be made by taking advantage of the holiday bonus in Puglia and Salento.

Puglia, welcoming earth and perfect for holidays

The success of Puglia as a destination for the summer holidays of millions of Italians, in recent years, is a given that speaks from itself. The region is welcoming, the art cities fascinate, the small villages know how to enchant, nature is still for long traits still wild, the beaches and the sea are award-winning both with blue flags and with five sails.

And yet food is genuine and quality, the squares always offer a large number of events, discos and amusement parks are now famous even border, people are welcoming, trulli on the horizon make the skyline of this land original that He knows how to get recognized. The light and the sky of Puglia are unique, they know how to make it fall in love.

For all these reasons and for much more, there are increasingly numerous Italians seeking accommodation facilities that accept the holiday bonus in Puglia.

The most popular destinations in Puglia

There are those who love the hinterland and those who medieval villages. There are those who choose Puglia and the Salento for its enchanting beaches and fun. There are many good reasons to choose a holiday with bonus in Puglia.

Among the many destinations loved by tourists and preferred for the holiday bonus, Porto Cesareo with its beaches is certainly among the most sought after. But also Otranto , the ancient charm of her historic center, cliffs overlooking the sea. Or San foca e Torget dell`Orso , the beautiful marines of the lower Salento, including Torre poli , Lido Marini e Pescoluse .

For less there are the trulli of Alberobello, a must for tourists from all over the world, being its historic center World Heritage Protected by UNESCO.