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Vacation vs stress. Here are 5 useful tips for you


The holidays are you stressed out? Here is some advice for you

The suitcase on the bed is a long trip? Eye, you may hassle you before you even get to your destination. Accounts for the months, the days, the hours, wishes ardently go on holiday disconnect from the stress and rut forever daily life, enjoy a finally a little bit of rest. At the end, thanks to the anxiety, the expectations, and the desire of overdoing it there is found more stressed than before.

It is true, sometimes the accommodation is not as imagined, some mishap messes up the trip, you end up in the wrong restaurant, but the truth is that in most cases the stress from the holidays depends on us, from how we deal with the departure and the preparations. You are already successful? You want to avoid that to happen? Here`s 5 tips in order not to spoil the holidays with the stress from the holidays.

Anxiety from the start? Organized for time

The baggage from prepare, expenses, list of essential things and all the work to be completed prior to departure: in one word, organization. Leave everything to the last moment is not good, it creates anxiety. Here because everything has to be tackled on time. Book your trip in advance so ammortizzerai costs in the following months. A few minutes of work in the previous weeks you can not bring no the thought of working with you on holiday and it saves you the tour de force last minute. He draws up a list of essential things to put in suitcase as you are in mind: to have it during the preparation of the the suitcase will be of great help.

do Not idealize your holiday

If you think that the holiday should be perfect, you will already be ahead in order to conquer stress and dissatisfaction. The holidays are just a period away from the everyday life and work, regenerate your energy doing something that we like. Think that they are days in which you can retrieve everything that we have not been able to do throughout the year, or fit serratamente things to do planning every single the time of vacation, port to if, at the risk of not being able to do it all or do it stancandosi much. Do not idealize your vacation: live!

you`re Not Superman nor Wonderwoman  

Do the dawn going to the dance of night, in the morning to go to the beach or do a party in pool, the afternoon exploring the city and at the shopping by holiday in the evening at a party or a feast, and then new in a nightclub, and then jogging, hiking, rafting, snorkeling: yes it can make all of the days of the holidays, of course, but only if you are Superman. Not to overdo it, if you`re not used to certain rhythms. Hyperactivity from the holidays may cause you stress so much feared. Having fun is good for you, but also finds the time to rest a bit, without guilt! 



do Not make comparisons

The images of the travel with your friends on Facebook or Instagram they put you in anxiety and you think that your vacation will never be like them? But stop that! Watch virtually everything who are the friends and acquaintances on the social pushes us to do against. Remember though, that the tendency is to show things more beautiful. Quiet: also you when you return from holiday you will have a collection of beautiful postcards and memories to share with your friends, if the you will want to. The experts recommend the not to post in real-time chronicles and vacation photos on social networks from the other side of Italy or of the world: better to publish the whole holiday happily finished.

Real holidays no stress: disconnettiti

We are all victims of Technostress. Don`t get harass by the head, by colleagues, by email, by our customers, from patients... Off if you can for a few days by technology and by the internet. If the parties to free yourself from the everyday and have fun finding yourself and the your energy, take you behind friends and colleagues, even if only virtually it will be a “baggage” a bit heavy and certainly a bit stressful. Enable the secretariat to the work and set an email which alerts that you`re on vacation, who to you writes. For emergencies, if there is the possibility, reports an alternate email address to which contact during your absence. Finally, sign out and party!

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