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San Martino, the most loved party by the Salento people

Autumn celebration, beloved e celebrated by the Salento as a real party, almost like the Christmas or Ferragosto, as joyful as an autumn Easter Monday, San Martino is a date that does not go unnoticed. Either way treats of family reunions, whether you meet in many village festivals that smell of roasted chestnuts in the alleys of the centers citizens, 11 November is a date that appears on the calendars of Salento should be printed in red.

 In San Martino every must becomes wine. Barbarhouse. Ph. Slow Food Neretum

Every must becomes wine ... in San Martino

That of San Martino is an anniversary simple, in the name of the banquet, born in the wake of the proverb “A San Martino every must becomes wine ”. Salento is land of viticulture both professionally and with a long tradition family where small owners persist in the harvest too of a few plants to have a "homemade" wine to bring in table.

And so, on this November day, we meet to taste the new wine in company of so much effort among the rows of vines, that of the fortune of a good year, done in the company of friends who offer themselves as a man forte during a grape harvest festival , or that produced with care e dedication from the numerous and excellent cellars that perfume each part of Salento.

The unmissable San Martino recipes Salentino

Like any self-respecting party, too that of San Martino has a menu that makes it recognizable, very fragrant, tasty. It is a few simple things but inevitable as recipes, during dinners with family or with friends. sausage , preferably grilled, hot chestnuts just toasted, fennel, walnuts and mandarins: they are all flavors of the Salento autumn, on which good wine flows new.

San Martino 2020 is different, a lot particular, not very convivial perhaps, but on the tables of the Salento people of certainly all these simple and essential elements will not be missing, to be shared even only on social networks, to be able to feel that you are together with San Martino, with close hearts, even if, for once in any case, we must remain at a physical distance.