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Salento Therapy

Discovery of a group of scientists, the «salentoterapia» invades the web`s

03 July 2013 - News by Lecceprima.en

From the world. According to one study, a group of scientists to stay, even for a few days in the Salento region, would add a series of “considerable” benefits: discover a new natural cure baptized with the name of “salentoterapia”


In reality, even Biagio Antonacci had said in the song became a catchphrase of the summer: to get over the disappointment  the end of an important story the secret is to do a tour in Salento. the “No longer live without you, even if, even if with the holidays in Salento I did a lap inside me” he sang the singer-songwriter from milan in the passage that gave to Puglia a bold and welcome statement by the d’love “postcard”. It was, in fact, in this strip of land that l’Italian artist, was able to overcome the loneliness that you try relentlessly after a “break”.

Now a’another confirmation comes from some of the the distinguished scientists of the’University teulandese Dorckenstein that, in a recent study, just published, reveal themselves to have made a sensational on the front of the therapies beneficial in alternative medicine, to the physical and mental health of the’man. A series of charts, pages and pages written by the researchers which demonstrate a single, unequivocal scientific data: stay, even for just a few days, on a particular strip of Italian territory, and precisely on the peninsula south of Puglia known by the name of Salento, provides a substantial therapeutic benefit to load some of the equipment functional (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc.) and for dell’s psycho-somatic.

A sample of more than 5 thousand tourists have spent in any season of the’year, a period of from 3 to 20 days at one of several popular resorts located on the’whole salento territory, both on the coast bathed by two seas and the areas in the’interior of the peninsula has been subjected to thorough of examinations and tests of various kinds and the data surprising was that at the end of all the checks 98.8% reported positive clinical outcomes that demonstrate a remarkable improvement on the front of wellness.

The discovery of new natural health care, named by scientists with the name of the the“salentoterapia”, is now all’examination of the mfurther international centers of alternative medicine for the’inclusion in the official protocol. The next step now is to understand what is the source or the sources that are most responsible for the results seen.

There are different schools of thought. From the experts of chromotherapy which believe that it is the particular alchemy of color offered to the gaze of the visitor to generate l’s beneficial effect. In fact, it seems that the’s the approach of the red earth, the green of the mediterranean vegetation, the blue of the seas and of the’silver trees d’olive developments is a tonic perceptual sensitivity.

Others, however, claim that it is the particular mixture of the’air that you can breathe to make the positive findings to the health, claiming that l’oxygen rich iodine given off from the particular and unique meeting between the Adriatic sea and the Ionian sea, combined with the’s oxygen of the vast olive groves and vineyards spread in the’hinterland generate a fusion of elements that would induce a sensitive well-being of the respiratory system.

Still others have come to the conclusion that the most benefit is made from the numerous and widespread art evidences on the territory. As if it were the view of the unique and rich elaborations baroque dress palaces and religious buildings, together with the discovery of the typical objects of the’local crafts, which finds its quintessence in the manufacture of papier mache and the lecce stone, to donate all’s guest a deep sense of well-being.

Finally, there are the supporters to the “dynamic”, that is, those who believe that it is instead music and ritual dance in the area to contaminate with influences therapeutic anybody who is a “contact”. In particular argue that the only witness to a typical ronda committed to play in a group and dance pinches can immediately positively affect the viewer, while they believe that the benefit received can be even ten times higher if, instead of simply attending to the ball, we played in the first person.

As is often the case, probably none of the theories will be the most truthful. Maybe the mix of the elements to conquer them all? 

In short, mens sana in corpore sano, but, in the Salento area!