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Motorcyclists, the british conquered from the poor cooking of the Salento



Aperitif in Porto Badisco, on the coast of Otranto, and then straight on two wheels, with the wind spettina a mustache, to piazza Salandra Nardo, in the heart of Salento, to discover and cook manu own some recipes of the cuisine of the poor typical. All recovered from the cameras of the BBC. Are The Hairy Bikers, two bikers with a passion for cooking, the authors of 15 books, characters followed over the English channel, with an audience of about 3 millions of people in the media.

the goodness of The poor cuisine of Salento: the authentic, healthy and tasty

To discover the true the “food of the poor” of Puglia have chosen two places of salento: a Porto Badisco have discovered the goodness of the sea urchins open at the time and accompanied by a simple morsel of bread. To Nardo, instead, you are placed in the kitchen, in a historic osteria near piazza Salandra, and have cooked simple fried in batter, octopus “all the paru” and many other typical specialties of the poor " cuisine of the Salento.

The enthusiasm of Si King and Dave Myers has been much not only for the authentic taste of the delicacies, but also for the the beauty of the places: nature of Porto Badisco, and the historic centre Nardò. Here is the full video of the episode in English. Also for those who do not “chew” the language, the pictures are very eloquent and inviting.


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