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Holiday in Puglia in the bus? FlixBus is the possibility

Do you want to reach the goal of your next holidays bus? If your destination is the Puglia, then Flixbus may be the solution that suits you. The company of buses which performs services transport low-cost in the whole Europe, a year and a half away from the start of his in Apulia, is know to have carried well 400 thousand travelers, a budget is more than positive. 

The bus companies FlixBus are currently 10 town of Apulia,, from which it is possible to travel without changes from both towards the city and a short-medium range, both for national goals at a long distance. The service is already active in the cities of Bari, Foggia, Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, Andria, San Severo, Manfredonia, Altamura and Gravina in Puglia.

To Brindisi and Lecce for example, you can get from Naples and Rome with frequent departures, sometimes up to 6 per day. Rome in particular is also linked with Taranto. The Salento region is well-served by this network of connections that is effective, that promises to increase its destinations in the near future. 

To check the coverage Flixbus on the route to the destination of your next holidays in Salento, see directly on the website entry destinazioni
To choose the casa-vacanze more suited to your needs, instead, browse site.