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Giants of Puglia: the prize for the olive


 ph. An olive tree giant in the countryside of Casarano, province of Lecce


A "sea of olive trees" washed by two seas: it is not this perhaps the Puglia? Millions of green leaves and silver-stain the region, in particular the Salento. In addition to representing the true identity of this land, the olive tree is also, thanks to the care of the man, one of his best friends and allies, in view of the excellent and increasingly sought after production of olive oil. Several laws have been enacted in recent years, to protect, to take care of and enhance the value of this living heritage of inestimable value. 


The attention and awareness grow, so much so that the association of tourist guides Thousand-year-old Puglia, has designed the Prize Giants of Puglia to contribute to the knowledge of the great heritage of olive trees monumental apulian and raise awareness for the care and housing of these works of art sculpted by the genius loci, still alive and highly productive. From Gargano to Cape Leuca, passing through the “plain” which extends between CarovignoOstuni, Fasano and Monopoli, olive trees, monumental in the race are really a lot of, all unique, deserving to be discovered and protected. 

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