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Easter, recipes and flavors of the party in Puglia

Tanta desire for Puglia? Easter in Puglia is a very strong desire every year. Easter 2021 is the Second consecutive in Lockdown due to the Covid pandemic 19. If there is something to which we are not forced to give up, unlike Travel and holidays, it`s good food. And then, if the Desire di Puglia is so strong, then you can take it to Table The good flavors of traditional and genuine holidays. Here Some tasty recipes scanding the Paschal period in Puglia and in Salento .


lifaries, sweetness during lithesim

The dessert has been for decades Traditional of the whole period of Lent. And there are still many Houses in which, opening a nice centerpiece covered on the table of kitchen, you can find these cookies prepared with a few Simple and genuine ingredients. They are preparing with almonds, sugar, Flour and eggs: nothing more. Today they are more a meal, often accompanied with sweet dessert wines, including the primitive of Manduria.

Palombs and Cuddhure, the sweets of the Easter day in Puglia

An ancient origin, the "palombes" Or "Cuddhure" are the most popular Easter sweets in Puglia. Also called "palummeddhre", "scarceddhe", "Panaredhe" a Second of the country, up to some time ago they consisted of simple Dove-shaped bread paste, basket, doll or chick, and decorated with the boiled egg, better if colored, and Finally egg brushstrokes before being baked. Today, in countries in which tradition resists, the bread dough is often Replaced with short pastry to make the palomba even sweeter.

The "Benedetto", tasty Holiday d appetizer

"U` Benedtt", and that is the "Bendetto" is the tasty and colorful appetizer of the day Easter, particularly in Bari. Salami, ricotta, boiled eggs are Inevitable, but also suppressed, oranges, artichokes, olives. He is alone Lunch in the Bari lunch, followed by the raw sea, the Orecchiette with ragout with horse chops that are then served As a second assembly with fingers in wet.

l`agnello and the "spazzatu"

Undisputed protagonist of the tables Pasquali di Puglia, the Lamb is served both baked with potatoes, or with other variants with lampascioni or cardoncelli mushrooms, like Second dish, both as a meat stew in the traditional dish of Sannicola and the area of ??Gallipoli, called "Spazzatu". The pieces of meat, to which sometimes veal pieces are also added and pig, they are suffered in oil and onion, turned off with ros wine of Salento and finally covered with tomato sauce and let them cook For about an hour.

The Almond Pasta Gauge

Not only of meat, but also of Almonds. The Lamber is universally recognized as a symbol Pasquale and, in particular in Salento, is also reproduced in the Sweet that is not missing in any traditional table at the end of the meal Easter Sunday. Prepared with almonds and sugar, and filling often with jam pears or citrus fruits, fantacchiera, chocolate Fondant in small pieces and peels of Candite citrus, the palette was said, In the past, the gentlemen`s dessert, because of his cost. Very famous Almond paste lambs (and fish with the same recipe) Packaged by the Clausura Sisters of the Benedictine Monastery of San Giovanni di Lecce. Simple and exquisite delicacy That also softens Easter in quarantine.