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Christmas in the Salento area: the villages of Santa Claus by the sea

Also Santa Claus quest’year decided to treat herself to a holiday Salento and was transferred on the shore of the sea with his elves hard-working, the lights, the snowmen, the men of ginger and candy!  
If you are in the Salento to the Christmas holidays 2019 and you`re wondering what are the christmas events the most beautiful to experience the magic of the holidays, follow these suggestions: we will tell you a l’a magical Santa Claus village is very special, two steps from the sea and a nativity scene made of sand! So you have not really ever seen!
Ready, then?
Take a pen and paper and prepare the children: here`s where you can meet Santa Claus! 
the villages, santa claus in salento

WONDER CHRISTMAS LAND – the Castle of Gallipoli

Santa Claus in a majestic castle surrounded by the sea, at the entrance of the historical village of fishermen, including boats, restaurants, stalls of traditional crafts.

One of the spells – but in the program there are very many others – that are going to happen to the Gallipoli period Christmas 2019.

santa claus at the castle of gallipoli

Wonder Christmas Land, with the artistic direction of the Construction in the theatre - Poieofolà, will open the doors to the enchanted the angevin castle of Gallipoli from 1 December 2019 to 6 January 2020 and for the whole period of the festivities will be the magic house of Santa Claus.

Accompanied by elves masters of ceremonies, dancers, singers and storytellers, you will enter immediately into the world of sugar, fairies, cherubs, snow and magic, where alternate parades, choreography, light shows, shows interactive untilaudience with Santa Claus in person, available to children on a large golden throne to read the letters, take photos and give to all children a tasty sweet treat made with his own hands.

christmas in salento, the santa claus village in gallipoli

Of path, fully covered, is also a real toy factory, a lab enchanted where the elves read the letters of children, and transform the desires into reality, the theatre of Santa Claus, shows and songs, the salon of the hearings.

Last year was attended by over 2500 children in schools and about 7000 visitors in the evening, coming from every part of the region and from other regions of Italy.

the village of santa claus in the castle of gallipoli

Find out more about the area of Gallipoli and discover the beauties of the world-famous Pearl of the Ionian sea: 20 km of beaches of sand and transparent waters, embracing a historic centre of the labyrinth, full of baroque palaces and the traditions true.