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Christmas in Puglia: Jennifer Lopez in holiday in the Valle d`itria

A star among the stars to enlighten your Christmas in Puglia. The beautiful Jennifer Lopez the popstar america more rich and powerful d’America, has chosen the Valle d’`itria to celebrate Christmas together with the family . And then the premier Giuseppe Conte and the first lady, the spokesman of the palazzo Chigi Rocco Casalino, Vittorio Sgarbi, l’honorable Forza Italia Laura Ravetto, l’former premier Maximum D’`alema senator Dem Teresa Bellanova. Here are all the celebrities who have chosen the region of Puglia, and the Salento for their holidays of Christmas.

Jennifer Lopez Christmas holidays in Puglia


Christmas in Puglia, even J. Lo choose the trulli of the Itria Valley

He had publicly announced this summer on Instagram: I love You, Italy!, in a sexy shot on the shore of the sea.
Said, done: in a few days Jennifer Lopez, voice, caliente, and superstar of the latin pop world, will arrive in Puglia with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, a 43-year-old former champion of Baseball, now a highly popular sports commentator.
The destination, of course blindatissima and top secret in the details, the olive trees and the trulli houses in the brindisi area and in the Valle d`itria: a wonderful land where time seems to have stopped, the right place to live the Christmas holidays and back to the warmth of the most authentic of the family.
jennifer lopez in Italy for the holidays

A journey to the discovery of Ostuni and of the apulian history

According to the rumors, to accompany Jennifer Lopez and companion on our tour of puglia will be a relative of the premier Giuseppe Conte, originally from argentina, that should conditional obligation guide you to discover the wonders of the Museum of pre-classical civilization of Ostuni, creating an explicit desire of the singer.
Nothing the metropolis, fast-paced, superstar, spotlight, therefore: for J. lo, according to Forbes, the richest among the Latin-american showbiz, the perfect Christmas, is one of puglia, the traditions, the flavors of the mediterranean, of the most beautiful sea of Italy.
And, who knows, they return to Apulia in the summer of 2019, when the beautiful pop star, more beautiful than ever and in perfect shape, will turn off its first 50 candles.

All vip crazy for Puglia

Christmas in Puglia, Jennifer Lopez follows a trend already consolidated in the last few years: the vip, even at the international level, would love to spend a holiday in Puglia! Remember the shots posted on Instagram from the Madonna and Katherine Kelly Lang (alias Brooke Logan in the bold and the Beautiful) in the Valle d`itria? And the holiday gold Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president of the United States of America, Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic, Gerard Depardieu, Helen Mirren, Francis Ford Coppola, Bono U2 and Meryl Streep? (Holiday vip in Puglia: we talked about here )
According to the news on the vip rani, however, are expected for the Christmas holidays in Apulia, the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte, that will spend a few days with his family in Volturara Appula, province of Foggia, and the spokesman of the Government Rocco Casalino, on his return to the house, Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi.
The direction of Puglia, apparently, also for Vittorio Sgarbi, visitor to Gallipoli, just a few weeks ago, Massimo D`alema,, between the regulars of the Heel of Italy, and the parliamentary Laura Ravetto and Teresa Bellanova, house in Salento.