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Christmas holidays in Puglia, here`s what to do

You have a few days of vacation during the Christmas season and want Spend it in Vacation in Puglia ? The Puglia Region is the destination Perfect to relax and immerse yourself in the joyful climate of the parties. In particular the salento , with myth temperatures and the Beauty of places, living nativity scenes, various initiatives for Christmas and the New Year and the historical centers to be discovered.

Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022, ideas for Stays in Salento

Spend the New Year or a few days of holiday between Christmas e The Befana in Salento allows you to discover the authenticity of this Earth also in low season. The Province of Lecce has the fame of Be wonderful in summer, with its beautiful beaches. Less Note in autumn and winter, you will be able to conquer visitors with the Its peculiarities, including that of offering different stays low Cost.

What to do in Lecce at Christmas and New Year

You can start from a weekend in Lecce . Piazza Sant`oronzo is the Heart of the historic center but also the most frequented crossroads Commercial streets long to dedicate to Christmas shopping and Choose Last Minute gifts. Every year this square, which is the Good city lounge, it is enriched by lighting decorations, including a majestic Christmas tree, while in the Roman amphitheater A traditional artistic nativity scene is usually set up.

A few steps from the square, for the entire period previous the Christmas, there is the ancient castle of Carlo V where the is held Mercatino di Santa Lucia , also called "Fiera dei Pupi". Here yes they can find any type of decoration to embellish the Just crib and home, or make a unique gift to loved ones. Lecce, capital of the papierapex, also, is all a teeming of Botteghe where you can buy traditional "Pupi" usually to Religious theme.

In addition to being able to visit the beautiful baroque churches, always a lot suggestive, the Christmas period is perfect for those who want spend pleasant moments of serenity, species of these times marked by the health emergency linked to the Covid 19. in Lecce city For several years the Kids Festival for several years , show of shows Theatricals and circus dedicated to children. Another appointment for celebrate the New Year, during the day of 1 January, is the New Year of the peoples.

Salento at Christmas with its destinations Indispensable

Beyond the city, the province of Lecce and the Alto Salento Brulicano of stages that is worth discovering, if you choose to spend A few more days in the welcoming accommodation facilities Small villages and towns.

For over 30 years in Tricase, on a hill called Monte Orco, goes to scene the miracle of Christmas that as a time machine allows to immerse yourself in the magic of a small ancient world. The Nativity scene LIVENT OF TRICASE is among the largest and most ancient in Italy.

A nardò , a beautiful town known for the marines and the park of Portoselvage, you can spend a pleasant afternoon Walking in the historic center. At Christmas the city is decorated With lights and animated by several markets. For Christmas 2021, it was Set up an ancient jostle right in front of the castle of the Living Water.

Gallipoli She remains herself even during Christmas and New Year. And fortunately, since the historical traditions of her are among the most Fascinating and originals of the area! In the days preceding the The first of the year, along the Gallipoline streets are set up Traditional "Pupi" in papier-mâché.

During the night of December 31st, they become fragorous fires D.Artifio for the usual " Shot of Puppets ". Moreover, in the center historic of the beautiful city, you can visit artistic cribs e The friendly theme store, which remains open all year round Indicating how many days are missing at the next Christmas.

To admire the first sunrise of the new year, instead, we must to get to Otranto, for the accuracy to the Faro della Palascia , IL More point to the east of Italy. Often in the past years they are organized events, concerts and DJ set to wait all together The dawn in this place that, regardless of the New Year, deserves Be visited for its suggestive atmosphere.

Also santa maria di leuca , the most south-east point of the heel of Italy, Val good a walk to visit the sanctuary of Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae. This is the destination of pilgrimages and The final destination of those who travel the Via Francigena in Puglia.

Brindisi and the province of Bari

Not only Salento. For those who choose Puglia as a destination for spend a few days off at Christmas 2021, I`m so many Places that can transmit serenity and allow you to discover Also beautiful towns rich in history and ancient suggestions.

Among these, in the province of Brindisi, stands out Mesagne which, in This period is impeccable, ambendo to become capital of Italian culture in 2022. Beyond the ancient access door to the Historic center, there are the castle, seat of a small but well organized museum, the Church Mother and - given the Christmas climate - Even the permanent artistic nativity scene.

Then going back to the province of Bari, two stages not far away from each other allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere Christmas unparalleled. The first is Locorotondo , with its village antique circular whitewear to lime and decorated every year carefully, providing a priceless photo set to anyone crossing his Armed lanes of photographic lens.

The second stage is alberobello , with its trulli which have made Puglia famous all over the world and who are counted among the goods UNESCO protected as a World Heritage Site. The Christmas atmosphere makes them even more beautiful, and it almost gives the hope of seeing out, from one of the many porticines, some Cute elf.