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Calendar 2019: all the bridges to go on holiday

When you go on vacation in 2019? Here`s our guide to bridges and public holidays, 2019 to organise a weekend to the sea and low cost holidays in Salento.

And it’ s one of the first things we look at when we have among the hands the calendar of the’s new year: there are no bridges and good occasions to plan the next trip? What days should ask for the holidays to be able to extend the maximum duration of the holidays or weekend in 2019? 

In the’organization of trips, timing is everything: with the clear ideas you can organize and book in advance the next holiday, buying discounts, more convenient and all the best for the case vacanze in Salento.

We carried on with the work, and the calendar at hand, we already have the situation clear: here are all of the bridges and the holidays from take advantage of that to go!

calendar 2019 festivals and bridges to plan your vacation


Valentine`s day Weekend, 2019: a gift d’love long 4 days 

L’holiday, says the film, but lovers yes: Valentine`s day quest’year falls to Thursday, a perfect opportunity to take a po’ s time to spend with your loved one. Asking only for two days off, Thursday and Friday, you can enjoy a long weekend d’love of the sea, in the most romantic places of the Salento.
Some of the ideas? This intimate nursery d’love with hydromassage bath and chromotherapy in the historical center of Ostuni, the white city: Cave Be2Be  
Click here to see all the holiday homes on offer for St. Valentine`s day 2019, from the 14th to the 17th of February!

Weekend Carnival 2019: the masks on the shore of the sea of Salento

Save the date: Thursday, fat quest’year is 28 February 2019.
Who wants to have fun and enjoy the Carnival in Salento, therefore, can be organized in the days highlight of the festivities: from Thursday 28 February to Tuesday 5 march 2019.
Where? At Gallipoli, for example, carnival is the symbol of Salento, among the most long-lived in the region of Puglia: a long parade of floats and masked groups through the Course of Rome, the heart of the city, including boutiques, craft shops, typical restaurants and recreation equipment for a weekend exciting and fun. 
Click here to see all of the holiday homes in the area and spend your weekend carnival in Gallipoli, you do not have to choose!
Instead, here you will find all the holiday homes on offer in Salento for Carnival 2019 , from February 28 to march 5! 

Easter 2019: maxi`s the bridge, with the 25 April

A sorpresona 2019, a’truly unique opportunity. Easter and easter Monday, quest’year Sunday 21 and Monday 22 April are close to the Liberation day on 25 April.

What does it mean? With only 2 days of holiday, you can make one’s thewhole week of vacation in one of the most beautiful times of the’year: in the spring the sea of Salento is a fable, the mild temperatures, prices are everywhere lower. Wonderful news, no?

At this point you just have to decide where to spend your spring bank holiday. We recommend a weekend in the city d’art of the Salento, as Lecce (in the photo), Otranto or Ostuni. But c’is beautiful to see everywhere, in every corner of the Heel d’Italia. 
Here are all the holiday homes on offer for the weekend of Easter 2019, from 21 to 28 April 2019! A bridge is very long, but if you can hang on only for the weekend just change the dates and you`ll find plenty of other availability. 
lecce`s baroque historic centre

Bridge-April 25, 2019: a weekend out of town in the Salento

Even without accorparla to the Passover, the feast of Liberation in 2019 remains a’excellent opportunity to start. On the 25th of April falls on a Thursday: with a day off you will have 4 days to plan your weekend out of town in the Salento. 
Do you want a tip to organize your trip? Choose a holiday home in Otranto to the deck from the 25th to the 28th of April: Otranto is a beautiful city on the sea, crossroads of peoples and cultures ranging from the mediterranean. 

Or you choose: following this link you will find all the houses vacations in the Salento and offers for the 25 April bridge.

the Feast of may 1, 2019: the last weekend useful before the’summer 

And it’ s labour day: the right time to take a break. May 1, 2019, falling to Wednesday. A break-all’inside of the week, to take a bit’ of breath, but if you have leave available, with 2 days you can make 5 holiday. And seize the opportunity to buy, given that the festivity the next, of 2 June, will fall on Sunday, discarding from the calendar a’other dates usually interesting. 

Click here, you will find all the holiday homes on offer in Salento for the bridge of may 1!

August 2019: a week of vacation on the beaches of Salento

The assumption, in itself, means a vacation. More so in 2019, in which this holiday falls Thursday, on the outskirts of the weekend! A fantastic way to maximize the holidays! 

A week, the of August, in Salento is particularly lively, with many street festivals such as Night White, Mirror, or the feast of the Madonna della Lizza of Alezio, concert of pizzica (well, also the king of the concert of pizzica: the Night of the Taranta), festivals of typical flavours, such as the festival of the party of Cannole, the festival of the pummidoru schiattarisciatu of Perth, the festival of home-made pasta of Tricase.  

Here are our picks (in preview, and with a reserved price to book in advance), to book our offers on the holiday homes the most beautiful of Salento in the week of August 2019

 November 1, 2019, unique and greedy bridge d’fall

You will not need to ask for holidays: November 1, 2019 falls on a Friday and is l’unique opportunity’in autumn to enjoy a getaway in the middle of the season. Otherwise will have to wait for Christmas: l’December 8, the feast of the immaculate conception, is a Sunday. 

Here are all of the holiday offers for the weekend of November 1, 2019

Christmas 2019: a long bridge to celebrate with

Great news to close the year! On the 25th of December 2019 is a Wednesday: the Thursday St. Stephen`s is still a holiday, you just need to take 1 day off to continue the holiday until Sunday, , December 29... Just a whiff, and then it will be already time to uncork the sparkling wine for new year`s Eve 2019: in Salento is always time to have a good time!