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4 Gift ideas for brilliant witch

gift for the witch

4 Gift ideas for brilliant and sustainable befana

Epiphany is upon us and you still don`t know what to give to your loved ones?

because this year do not choose any unique present that can be used to remember the nostalgic emotions of your holidays in Puglia?

First of all, it is always nice to remember the roots of this holiday that in Puglia, but in general throughout southern Italy, has a direct grip not only on popular traditions but also on everything that binds faith and mysticism together.

More than Christmas, the Befana has always been the protagonist of gifts for young and old here in Puglia. The Befana symbolizes the year just passed, a year now old just as the witch itself itself, with the simplicity of her in the clothing and in the gifts you bring to everyone.

As the famous nursery rhyme says, in fact, "the befana comes at night with the shoes all broken with the Roman hat, alive, alive the Befana!" And the gifts that the old door, are the symbol of the good omen for the year that starts.

We like to think that here in Puglia, and throughout the deep and sunny south, the Befana returns to wear his old clothes, giving gifts and small reproaches for our little whims.

Gifts for the Befana: Pugliese Handicraft

Alt = Gifts for the Befana: Puglia crafts

Continue reading to find out about 4 gift ideas for the Befana. Choose the Gift for the Befana for friends and relatives in the name of sustainability! Enter the magical world of the Befana and discover the most original gifts and, above all, ethical expertly created by our people.

We rediscover and enhance the ancient roots of the most authentic cultural identity of Puglia.

1. Dona oxygen to the planet

Donate oxygen to the planet more than a gift, it should be interpreted as a duty towards the planet of every human being.

Locally, the problem of the Xylella is well known now that Salento has been afflicted. And in this regard the possibility of planting new trees becomes an urgent necessity, now heard from everyone.

There are numerous realities that are committed to recovering the original vegetative imprint of our peninsula: such as the Misticanza Association, which in Castro is dealing with selling territorial native species at an unresolved cost.

Give life to land deserts of land with the planting of strawberries, carobs and jujubes are not a really welcome gift for those who are passionate about gardening, but above all it is a gift that we owe to earth!

2. Support local companies of small publishing

Support local companies of small publishing and gives not only a book but the story of this magical land!

The Kurumun publishing house has been working in the heart of the Salento Grec์a and makes all those traditions and customs that are very often transmitted in an oral way palpable.

In addition to books and ebooks, the publisher often offers experiential cultural initiatives. Make a jump in their office and discover unique art, crafts and culture paths! You will know many creative artists and wise artisans, you can also listen to their stories, the result of traditions handed down and unobtainable.

3. Choose your local art piece

Would you like to know the Apulian culture before booking your holidays in Salento or, after your last stay in the south east of Italy, you fell in love with local craftsmanship?

Then choose your local art piece and color your home with the warm and bright colors of Puglia!

Choose one of the masterpieces of Luminterra by Gustavo, its colored lamps will make you feel once again in Salento.

Figs, sacred elements and new expressive forms, surely, you will find the furnishing complement that will make your home more original!

4. Incentive local tourism

It is easy to meet the Befana here in Puglia. Do not you believe it? Then make sure in person, call us and we will tell you the most secret, unspoiled and authentic places of our wonderful region.

incentive local tourism and we will deliver you a map of artisans and artists who create with love, fantasy and ingenuity of the original objects from Give yourself or who you love.

Why sometimes, the most original befana gifts are just what you don`t expect: and a trip is always pleased.

Call us immediately and find out what destination in Puglia is for your case .. because if the epiphany all the holidays take away, a good reason to travel it is always found!

You choose our region in the summer period or during the holidays, perhaps to observe the wonderful Christmas tree made by crochet by Ostunese grannies, you will always be stunned by the wealth of this land!

local crafts for gifts for the befana