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What to do the bridge of June 2 in Puglia

Finally the summer awakens and with it also the desire to travel! The first summer bridge is approaching and brings with it four days of relaxation. What better opportunity to start in search of most beautiful places in Puglia ? A wonderful land embraced by the sea that offers itself as an ideal destination to spend the bridge of June 2 at the sign of tradition, nature and fun.

Let`s find out what to do on June 2 in Puglia.


the cherry festival: the tradition between Turi and Alberobello

Everything is ready for the 30th edition of the cherry cherry festival of Turi , in the province of Bari.

Also this year the city will delight with this tasty fruit declined in all sauces. Also known as red gold of Puglia, rail cherry is typical of this region and boasts a long history.

A vermilion red that captures the gaze and an exquisite pink pulp with an intense flavor, are the main characteristics that make it irresistible. Combined with other typical local products and a good glass of wine , it makes an explosion of taste on the palate absolutely to try.

For the occasion, the streets of the city of Turi come alive with fun between shows, music and popular dances from which to be overwhelmed while visiting the beauties of the historic center.

a few kilometers from Turi there is a small gem of the territory that is really worth visiting if you are in the area. It is the graceful village of Alberobello , in the heart of the Itria valley. very famous for its trulli , small local homes related to the peasant tradition, is one of the most popular destinations by visitors in Puglia.

A particular light shines on Alberobello, a candid reflection that releases from the white lime which covers the buildings and streets of the village. All around a dream atmosphere surrounds the landscape and runs for the alleys. All that remains is to get lost in the magic of the place.

The territory of the valley of Itria is very vast and deserves to be visited very calmly. To live all this during your vacation, the best choice is to book a accommodation in the ground of Bari , so as to be able to dedicate themselves to strong tastes of this land in total relaxation.


Borgo Festa in Borgagne

Going towards the tip of the heel of Italy, in the first days of June it is held in Borgagne , a small village in the province of Lecce, the village in celebration. it is a Important social cultural festival built on the values ??of ecological sustainability and solidarity. A creative and original way to enhance the territory and bring the flag for social commitment high.

Various events around the city are also connected to the Borgo in Festa. It is therefore possible to get lost between food stands , exhibitions of art and crafts , music and dance shows. Fun is guaranteed!

Among other things, near the town there is the area of ??Melendugno, embellished by its wonderful marine which overlook the Adriatic. Cleaning and transparent waters lap the Melendugnese coast on which long expanses of golden sand run . A real paradise corner that opens in Salento, ready to welcome the numerous tourists who choose Puglia every year as a destination for their summer holidays.

It is therefore not necessary to miss the opportunity to take a dip in the blue and enjoy a moment of relaxation on the most beautiful beaches in the area. If you choose Salento as a destination for your bridge, it is good to find the ideal rental solution among the many Holiday accommodation in Lecce , in order to find the most suitable for your needs!


Other unmissable destinations for your stay in Puglia

The most beautiful places where to go the bridge of June 2 do not end there. The Puglia is a territory full of occasions, immersed in the authenticity of traditions and in the cultural and landscape beauty .

Among the other unmissable destinations there is certainly Gallipoli, the capital of the nightlife and ... of the mess! First lights of the morning.

If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a stay in close contact with nature, a ideal destination is certainly Porto Cesareo. The Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio with its protected marine area allows you to carry out natural and cultural excursions to discover the territory. Backpack on the shoulder and start!

Always in Salento, the city of Otranto overlooks the Adriatic with all its elegance. A walk through the streets of the historic center, between art and culture, is what it takes to spend a pleasant evening in company.

In the province of Brindisi, unmissable is a short stop in the city of Ostuni. The white city of Puglia , also renowned for its candid beauty, offers graceful landscape views from which to let yourself be enchanted.

Walking through the alleys of the village painted by colorful flowers that adorn the balconies, it is an absolutely not to be missed experience. All the beauty of your holiday is enclosed in simplicity!