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The Guardian: among the most beautiful beaches there is a tip of the pig

Also this year the Guardian Italy, a prestigious British newspaper, has drawn up the list of 40 most beautiful beaches in Europe . Among these, it has indicated well five on the Italian territory . In Puglia, the sloping of the pig , the enchanting beach south of Gallipoli, stands out. Let`s find out together!


Punta della Puglia in Puglia: a corner of paradise in Salento

Punta della Porina opens on a golden crescent bay - the Gallipoli bay - reachable via a sandy track just outside the provincial road. Compared to the charm of the Seychelles from The Guardian , the beach is a real corner of paradise where relaxation and tranquility reign undisputed.

Multicolor waters and the soft white sand are enchanted by visitors to enchant visitors. Small rocky spurs and graceful grassy coves paint the landscape here and there, creating an incredible chromatic explosion. a real joy for the sight!


spending a day at the beach in this location is a cure -all for the soul . Here, in close contact with nature, the dimension of quiet that often lacks in the daily tra-tran is often found.

A lush pine forest follows in the background the profile of the beach and floods it with the typical perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub. Ideal for enjoying a moment of peace to the shadow of the pines and indulge in a respite from the summer. Around you can also find bars and beaches equipped for every need.


a stone`s throw from the beautiful city of Gallipoli.

After a day of the sea , a visit to the city symbol of summer in Puglia : Gallipoli cannot be missing.

The beautiful city of Salento is synonymous with sea, beaches and fun . But not only! The historic center is a precious treasure chest of artistic and cultural jewels.

Walking in the heart of Gallipoli it is possible to visit, for example, the Angevin Castle which seems to emerge from the sea if you look at it from afar. stands out imposing on the horizon and contributes to creating a very suggestive panorama . Especially if you observe it from the bastions along the city walls, today ideal terraces to enjoy the fantastic sunsets. A holiday in the city of Gallipoli can only give emotions!

A spraying energy characterizes this place. Much loved by young people for the nightlife that offers, in reality the city lends itself to a fun for all ages. From the elegant locals and restaurants overlooking the promenade to the discos on the beach , in Gallipoli there is certainly no lack of opportunities for leisure.

In order not to miss all this and to live the best your stay in Salento , remember to book your Holiday home in Gallipoli . In this way it is possible to have all the beauty of the place at hand and all that remains is ... to leave!