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September in Salento: here are 5 good reasons to holiday in the low season

The crystal clear sea of Torre dell`orso, summer holidays in Salento
The summer is over, the colleagues they return from vacation and the headaches of holiday ti axle. Do not allow nostalgia to take over. September is the perfect month for a holiday, especially if you have been working all the summer or if the days that you were in the heart of the summer son flew away in a puff. Here`s 5 good reasons to spend summer holidays in Salento.

1. The sea: beaches, livable, and wonderful seabed

The sea in Salento is always nice, but in September even more. The strands slow down the hectic pace of August, there is a place for all, the music lowers, the clamour on the shore fades, the “free beaches” are free for real and can be lived with serenity, discovering the dunes and enjoying its own space. You can hear even the waves that you leave caress by the breeze that mitigates the heat during the central hours of the day. The backdrops again crystalline, giving a glimpse of fish, crabs, and hermit crabs that inhabit both slopes of the peninsula of salento.

2. Temperatures leave finally a bit of respite

Lido Marini on the Ionian sea, for a sea holiday in September in Salento

Who loves the sun, but suffers from the heat wave, can`t choose September in Salento for holidays pampered by the rays. In the morning you can have breakfast outside. The central hours of the day, in fact, are the hot at the right point to stay at sea and enjoy bathing more beautiful. You can spend the late afternoon exploring the quaint historical centres as Lecce with its famous baroque, or discover nature reserves such as The Cesine, Torre Guaceto, and parks such as the one of Porto Selvaggio.

3. The tradition of food and wine: food as experience

In September is the place to a favorite restaurant with much more ease. Is a gastronomic tradition absolutely authentic, with meats, cheeses, vegetables and legumes to kilometer zero, the one that you can enjoy in the many taverns and farms of the hinterland, while protagonists on the coastal between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, plenty of fish restaurants that almost always offer the best of the catch of the day directly from the fishing boats of the fishermen of Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Castro, and many other small landing places. 


4. The fiestas-the magic of the illuminations and firework displays

San Teodoro Brindisi, September in Salento. Ph. Paul Laku


Spend the holidays of September in Salento allows you to participate in some of the festivities the more you hear. You will rediscover the strong devotion in perfect combination with all the most authentic traditions of this land, such as the impressive illuminations, the music of the brass band concerts, processions to the sea, the beasts, and civilian programs that accompany the festivities. Among these, are particularly famous are the celebrations in honor of San Teodoro Brindisi the first week of September, and Saint Joseph Desa in its hometown in Cupertino, between 16 and 19 September.

5. The most Beautiful Villages of Italy, discover the

In the year dedicated to the villages, you can take advantage of September with its mild temperatures and welcoming to go to the discovery of the the most beautiful villages of Italy in the Salento. The possibilities are diverse, from the borders of the Alto Salento, up to the extreme of Capo di Leuca, so here are the beautiful and unique historical centers of Cisternino, Locorotondo, Otranto, Presicce and Specchia. The ideal would be to also find a holiday house in one of these countries, to enjoy to the full and to the end of their authenticity, of their everyday life and the beauty that makes them unique.

These reasons have you convinced? Great! Then you have to do is pack your bags and choose whether to stand on the sea of Salento or in one of the beautiful centers of the hinterland by booking one of the our holiday homes at prices that are truly exceptional >>

Specchia, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, to discover during the summer holidays in Salento