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Salento, which beach to choose? I`ll say the wind

In a holiday single, Salento offers two different seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic sea. The two seas at so short a distance l’from’another, that in one day only, you can start with a nice early morning dip to the east, in the fresh waters of the’the Adriatic and end up in the blue, sweet and mild of the Ionian sea, to the west. 
Yes, because the Salento, a strip all’the extreme south of Puglia, is a long narrow peninsula. the distance between The coast and the other is just 50 km: more or less in a’s time d’drive away and you can move from one side to the’another, enjoying both the coastline and beautiful beaches, and also very different between them. In the middle, sandy d’olive trees, red earth, historical centers where you can dance the pizzica, and drinking Negramaro. A major advantage for those who are on holiday want to explore always new places and looking for days and travel itineraries, full of experiences.

therefore move so easily, what and how to choose between the Ionian sea and the Adriatic?

What are the most beautiful beaches of Salento?

tell the wind. 

That`s right. And is not certainly by chance that the motto "Salentu, lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu". The wind, in fact, is a constant, dell’s the summer of salento. 
His presence, as well as make it less muggy and the hot weather, makes a decisive influence in the state of the sea over which it blows. Very often, when one of the two seas is calm – the Ionian or the Adriatic – l’another is agitated. 

Smartphone to hand, so: if you are on vacation in Salento, see the weather to discover where the wind blows. Then follow these straight: you will find the quieter beach if you love to relax in a crystalline sea, or a sea moved by the waves and billows for sports and real surfers.


  • Tramontana and grecale: where to go?

The tramontana blows from the North to the South. For the conformation of the Salento, this means that the Ionian sea will be almost certainly calm, with the wind that will push the marine currents towards the deep. 

The situation on the’the Adriatic, however, will change depending on the location in which you are located. On the northern coast, from the sea 


up to 


, and the sea, will be greatly moved. If you like sailing and kite surfing, for example, l’it 

Torre Chianca

with its long sandy beaches and little sheltered from the wind. Only exception is the Tower of S. Andrea and the Cave of Poetry, Melendugno, protected by tall stacks and rocky and therefore not very exposed to the wind. L’s Adriatic in the South, on the contrary, from Otranto down to 


, it will be more placid and less blur. The same goes for the north-east. When winds blow from the north-east, the most beautiful beaches of Salento are the riviera 



Maldives of Salento

 and Torre San Giovanni. (In the photo, the bay of Porto Miggiano, to

Santa Cesarea


the bay of porto miggiano santa cesarea terme the most beautiful beaches in salento


    #OrPENTAG#li>Winds from the east: the areas recommended

When the wind blows from the east, the tranquil sea is the Ionian, in particular, in the stretch that goes from Gallipoli to Taranto, passing through the marine Nardo, Porto Selvaggio, Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo. (In photo, center Split Mountain, Santa Maria al Bagno)

split Mountain salento sea santa maria al bagno nardò


  • Scirocco and libeccio: how to move?

The sirocco is a warm and humid wind that blows from the south to the north. On the contrary, of the tramontana, scirocco agitates the Ionian: the sea of Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Pescoluse and Ugento will be wavy and lively. The sea of Otranto, Torre dell’s Bear  and Santa Cesarea is still and quiet. Similar situation with the winds of libeccio. (In the photo, the beach of San Foca).

Check the weather forecast and do not make a mistake: in Salento change their mind like the wind changes it`s not a problem!

The beach of San Foca in Salento, the most beautiful beaches of Salento