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Pescoluse, the Maldives of Salento - What to do, what to see

The Maldives of Salento, a paradise, kissed by the sun that has nothing to envy to the atolls of the’Indian Ocean. Indeed, it has even more to offer. What? Good food, art, culture, history: all makes a vacation memorable, fun, informative and also perfect for the little ones, as evidenced by the Green Flag 2017 assigned to the beaches, also suitable for bambini. 




Why the name Maldives of Salento? Why in the’collective imagination, white beaches and transparent sea are a prerogative of the Tropics. Wrong! In Puglia, in Salento, there are scenarios is so beautiful as to deserve the comparison with the most famous exotic destinations. The beach is located to the Pescoluse, marina of the city of Salve, together with Torre Pali, Old Place and Lido Marini, halfway between Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca. Since 2009, the sea of Pescoluse is awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag of Fee, Foundation for Environmental Education. Blue flag means the quality of the water, but also sewage, waste management, services and safety on the beaches, traffic self-organized. Pescoluse it was all about relaxing and safe. So secure, it has been reported from’the national association of pediatricians as the beach in the measure of the smaller, perfect for a family holiday with children: clean water and low near the shore, sand to build castles and towers, games for the children, but also the presence of lifeguards for safety, ice-cream shops, pizzerias, local l’aperitif, and areas for sports in the vicinity.


What to see during a holiday in Pescoluse?

The crystal-clear sea and white sands

The coast, c’is can bet, will be the first place you will visit. Over 4 km of white beaches, fine sand and the turquoise sea, in a pristine landscape, framed by sand dunes and reeds blowing in the wind. Swim in the sea of Pescoluse, is a’unique experience: l’water is so transparent that you can see the bottom while standing, you can take a stroll on the beach, keep fit, water sports.




A journey in time – the archaeological treasures of Salve

The area of Prejudice is also an extraordinary treasure chest of historical treasures where to go for a walk in the history. Pescoluse is rich in archaeological finds, prehistoric, dolmens and caves. Some of the findings speak of the’human activity in the area dating back to well 70 thousand years ago. The town of Salve, also a necropolis so important as to have revolutionized the knowledge of scholars on the’funerary art prehistoric. Is lost in time, then, also the story of a city messapica of name Cassandra stood where a mill that was milling nuggets d’gold, destroyed after a tsunami about two thousand years ago. Here were found fragments of vases and amphorae, inscriptions, messapian, Greek characters the meaning is still obscure, the fragments of bones and an image of Dionysus.


Torre Pali and Lido Marini

The sandy beach behind the houses, marina for l’mooring of small boats, wide choice of accommodation facilities and services: Torre Pali and Lido Marini, near Pescoluse and the Maldives of the Salento, the beaches are sabbiose ideal for those seeking tranquility and want to unplug. Perhaps, without giving up the nightlife of clubs and discos: Gallipoli is 33 km, Leuca, only 18.



The astronomical park

Nestled among the olive trees of the Salento is a magical place that certainly will make you dream. Planets, constellations, and galaxies will no longer be a mystery after a visit to the planetarium. Armed with a telescope, you can immerse yourself in a’s multi-sensory experience, from the observation of the stars, listening to the “voice of the stars".


A walk in the historic villages and in the oil mills

In the immediate vicinity of Pescoluse and the Maldives of the Salento there are some of the most beautiful villages of Puglia. It is Presicce, less than 10 km, between the most beautiful historical centres d’Italia, also chosen by Ferrero for the charming Christmas tv commercial of his chocolates. 12 km away is also a Mirror, a pearl of absolute beauty of the Salento: you can`t miss a walk among the alleys and courtyards of the historic old town. Don`t forget to put on the agenda, a visit to oil mills from salento, reading, history, popular culture, and flavors, which preserve the most precious treasure of the Salento: the extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.



Relax among the olive trees

Ancient farms, paiare , dry stone walls, immersed in the mediterranean scrub, make this landscape unique, and invite you to healthy morning walks among the scents of wild rosemary, myrtle, caper and thyme. An alternative way to rest, before going to sea or returning from a day at the beach: cradled by the sun that caresses the olive trees and kisses the florida mediterranean scrub.


Boat trips on the fishing vessels

Fun, culture and a rich aperitif on board with friselle, wine and fresh fish: what c’is best for to enjoy your holiday in Salento? The on-board guides will make you admire the karstic caves and the coastal towers up to Leuca, where the Ionian and Adriatic seas meet. On the vessels, then, you will have the’opportunity to assist and help real fishermen in the salento, from the draught of the nets in the boat until the cleaning of the fish. Taste the freshly caught fish, with a drizzle of lemon, it`s all one’s another thing!