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Holidays with children in Salento: 5 beautiful beaches

Planning a holiday with children in tow? To no difficulty.

What you need are sandy beaches, shallow water, and clean water to let them play and enjoy the sea in peace. Because yes, children should have fun, but you are on holiday to relax, not to rincorrerli all day! Then, if the bathing establishments are equipped with a changing table for changing the diaper, animation service, baby sitting and children`s play area, even better!

Well, then, what are the beaches of Salento, suitable for children, that meet these requirements? What shores, and what locations are suitable for a beach holiday for families?

Nothing to fear, as the beaches are clean and safe you really are in the right place.

But we have done more: we selected a 5 beautiful and childproof! This is what they are!

beach suitable for children porto cesareo


Beaches of the Salento suitable for children: the top 5

PESCOLUSE – the beach recommended by pediatricians



If you have any doubt, here you have also a certification official fitness. Pescoluse, marina di Salve, located on the Ionian sea and is half way between Gallipoli and Leuca. The beach has been choice from the’National Association of Pediatricians as the beach in the measure of the smaller, perfect for a family holiday with children: clean water and low near the shore, sand to build castles and towers, games for the children, but also the presence of lifeguards, ice cream shops, pizzerias, local l’aperitif, and areas for sports in the vicinity. You will certainly have already heard about: the sea of Pescoluse is known as “the Maldives of Salento”, and from 2009 it is awarded the Blue flag of the Fee, Foundation for Environmental Education, the quality of its waters, a virtuous waste management, services and safety on the beaches, traffic self-organized. 

Here you can find a range of ideas about what to do and what to see in a holiday in Pescoluse  and here a selection of our holiday houses most beautiful in the area.

TORRE SAN GIOVANNI - clean Sea and picnic in the pine forest



From Torre San Giovanni, Torre Mozza: 7 kilometres of uninterrupted beaches with low dunes and crystal clear sea. You are on the Ionian coast, just 20 min drive from Gallipoli and S. Maria di Leuca.

You can choose: Lido Marini, Torre Mozza, Torre Vado and Torre San Giovanni are marine charming, very close to l’an dall’other. The water is clean, shallow water, the environment quiet, frequented mostly by other families with children: your little ones will surely find new friends with which to play and pass the time. In these beaches, then, there is also ample space dedicated to rest. L’ideal, for example, is l’shadow of Themdo the Pine forest, where you will find hot table, deli and children`s play area.

The promenade and the residential areas are well equipped in terms of services. The course Hannibal in Torre San Giovanni, for example, is home to ice-cream parlours famous and rich delicacies to mouth-watering. The sea front also shops, lounges, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, craft workshops to buy souvenirs of the Salento. If you are looking for a’excellent learning experience together with the older children, you can also visit the locations in the Regional Natural Park Coast of Ugento established in May 2007. 

Find the house that suits you in the area of Ugento:see our catalog of holiday homes in the areas of Torre San GiovanniTorre Mozza  Lido Marini.


 TORRE LAPILLO AND PUNTA PROSCIUTTO - The beaches reported by The Guardian



If you forget for a moment that you are in the Salento area, once arrived in Torre Lapillo and Punta Prosciutto , the sea in the municipality of Porto Cesareo, you seem to be in the Caribbean.

Torre Lapillo is famous for its crystal clear sea, protected by high dunes of white sand. Its beaches, with waterline length of several metres and low water for a large part, are ideal for children to play that, between sand castles and buckets d’water, will be able to let off steam as they please in peace.

Punta Prosciutto, although not as well known of Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo, is according to many is the most beautiful beach of Salento. The area is part of the the Natural Reserve Palude del Conte e Duna Coastal: very interesting for those who want to enjoy the sea of Salento in its beauty is more untouched. They are mostly of beaches, the bathing establishments are very few. If you go to Punta Prosciutto with children, therefore, bring the deck chairs and the whole l’need for your day at the beach. At about 1 km from’s hinterland, then, begins the forest d’Arneo, a’area of woodland very wild where you can venture to a’hiking or for a walk all together

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 RIVABELLA - Gallipoli at the extent of families and child



As spectacular as the more famous “Green Bay” of Gallipoli, but more quiet. Lido Rivabella, a few km north of Gallipoli, is the right compromise for those who love the sea of Gallipoli, which has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful seas of the Salento, but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the discos and beach parties. If you are on the Ionian sea, it is worth it to make a jump in this quiet marina of Salento, in fact a pearl of rare beauty. In the bathing establishments you will find everything cu you need, from the bed to’s umbrella. In the pine forest, you can find refreshment from the summer heat and let it rest a bit’ children. For a fun day out then Rivabella offers also a large water park for the joy of children, with of pools, slides, inflatables, amusement rides, circus shows, and water attractions. In the evening, then off to the good food: without moving, you will find nearby good restaurants, pizzerias and restaurants that serve typical local dishes and fresh fish. 

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LIDO CONCHIGLIE - Sea, pinewood, rock and country



Just outside Gallipoli (6 km), Lido Conchiglie is a’s oasis of tranquility. Shallow sea and clear water on the beaches, green mediterranean scrub tutt’around’s hinterland. Its coasts, satisfied all: there are high cliffs, ideal for long dives in the blue (don`t miss the famous the“split Mountain”), but also 3 km of sand, which alternate between beach  and lidos. Two names? Lido Flags and Lido Le Canne, where you will also find a wide pinewood with tables and benches for lunch in the shade and rest. Here, also, it will be easy to reach the water park in Rivabella, is just 5 km. In the residential district you can find everything you need for your holiday: bar, delicatessens, tobacconists, supermarkets. In the evening, then, space for the fun for the younger ones: on the promenade will find carousels, inflatable games and animation to play and jump, while you can taste a good ice cream overlooking the sea. Very often, especially in July and August, Lido Shells also boats, dthe festivals flavours and traditional festivals to dance the pizzica and experience the proverbial hospitality of the people of salento.

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