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Holiday in Lecce. Here`s what to eat

Rustic, pastiocciotto and coffee in the ice: if you`re in holiday in Lecce and province, and you want to find out what is the flavor typical of the mornings of a salentino doc, then stopped at the first bar, preferably in the centre, and with a bit of history behind it, and sort these three delicious goodness. Here`s what they are: but the eye, is an article that makes you hungry!

pasticciotto, sweet treasure chest of goodness


The breakfast, for the local citizens, is represented by the bed, a sweet pastry from the oval-shaped, filled with custard. A simplicity that is directly proportional to the goodness, especially if eaten still warm and with a certain dose of fame. In recent years, the plethora of variants to the original recipe, along with the pasticciotti mignon for those who do not would like to overdo it. Among these, the most famous of the alternatives is the pasticciotto Obama, all chocolate. Also appreciate the recipes with cream and chocolate or cream and black cherry.

The coffee in ice with almond milk

A specialty is as simple as it is irresistible: it is the coffee in ice with the almond milk. The ingredients are all in the name. All you need is a glass with a little ice and a drizzle of almond milk on which pour good espresso. Of course, everything must be of good quality, even the ice should be as dry as possible, in order not to melt under the high temperatures of the coffee. Tried it once, you will not be able to do without it.

The rustico leccese, irresistible tempter

When mid-morning you feel a little peckish, but lunch is slow in coming, then it is the right time to enjoy the rustico leccese, a treasure trove of flavor and calories, but a must try if you are in the holiday in Salento. It is a species of large vol-au-vent of pasta, with mozzarella cheese, bechamel sauce, black pepper and peeled tomatoes. Today is all hours of the day, but the snack before noon is definitely the best time to try the irresistible goodness.

These delicacies have made you hungry but you have not yet booked your holiday in Salento?

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