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All the beauty of the Federiciani castles in Puglia

real art and architecture jewels . It is impossible not to be fascinated by the imposcence of the Castelli Federiciani in Puglia. Timeless witnesses of the illuminated work of Federico II of Swabia , the nickname emperor storage mundi , because of the great intellectual curiosity of him. A sovereign who made the confrontation between cultures and arts the imprint of him more tangible than him.

The Federician fortifications are the most concrete example that came to us of how Frederick II ruled their own state in a structured and organized way. The motivations of him, although always noble, went well beyond the organization of the kingdom: Puglia had conquered his heart and to every corner worthy of note was to build a residence for itself.

The most emblematic example is certainly Castel del Monte ad Andria . Universally known for its octagonal form, it has become symbol of the region with its grandeur, so as to see its low relief sculpted in the Italian coins of 2 cents of euros.

Let`s find out together which are the Swabian castles in Puglia noteworthy.

Castel del Monte, masterpiece of medieval architecture

real symbol of the passion of Federico II for the mixture of cultures, Castel del Monte, located in the municipality of Andria, is a true masterpiece of medieval architectural art which unites cultural elements in itself from northern Europe, from the Muslim world and classical antiquity. Precisely for its beauty, from the 1996 the castle is part of the list of the UNESCO World Heritage .

The fortress is particularly suggestive also for the geometric rigor that distinguishes it. In addition to the octagonal plant, in fact, the number eight occurs almost maniacally throughout the structure . This is one of the unusual peculiarities that establishes the connection of the castle with symbolisms and mysteries who have been passionate about visitors and scholars from all over the world for centuries, leaving the castle under a veil of mystery .

of great suggestion The entrance portal : along it with your gaze from the bottom to the top, you can see an Arab-style arch, a Greek-Roman eardrum and a Gothic mullioned window Inside there are sixteen trapezoidal rooms , eight for each floor , characterized by the keys of the cruises decorated with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and phytomorphic elements.

Some of the towers of the castle welcome cisterns for the collection of rainwater. In others, however, the bathrooms are also located with latrine and sink testifying to the dedication, not usual to time, of Federico II to hygiene and cleaning.

Among the characteristics that feed the honest of mystery that reminds us of Castel del Monte C`é then the courtyard, also of octagonal form , and surrounded by a series of walls containing blind arches The contrasts that the high light walls create with the color of the sky are the ideal for observation the celestial vault at night , so as to satisfy one of the greatest passions of Federico II.

The castle of Trani and its ghosts

Among the Castelli di Puglia wrapped in a halo of mystery, there is also the trani castle built to asseed the sea which lap the coasts of the city.

The ghost of the Trani Castle is a woman of which the identity is still not clear. For the legend her name is Armida : the unfortunate noblewoman locked up in the secrets of the castle at the behest of her husband, after the discovery of adultery. Blinded by her jealousy, the man stnoicated the lady`s lover and then locked it up in a cell of the basement of the building , in which the young man died . From that moment in the castle he would be wandered the spirit of her.

Supernatural phenomena aside, the trani castle was erected on a model of the crusaders of the Holy Land with a quadrangular plan, strengthened at the top from four square towers of equal height. It is famous for hosting the wedding ceremony of Manfredi , son of Federico II of Swabia with Princess Elena D` Epiro. It was revisited in the following centuries from the sixteenth century when, with the advent of firearms, the necessary changes were made to support the new defensive techniques and was reworked again in the 19th century to adapt it to the prison function.

The Castle of Barletta and the famous disfel

majestic and impregnable the Castle of Barletta was built by the Normans and over the centuries has crossed several changes. He was conceived as a fortress - prison against the enemies but with the arrival of Federico II of Swabia, the castle was used as a private residence . The enlightened sovereign wanted to revisit the building by accentuating the architectural and decorative aspects according to the geometric taste which has always distinguished it.

to re -enactment of a distant past that sinks its origins in the Middle Ages in Barletta, the dramatic moments of the disfel are traced: clash between thirteen Italian knights and thirteen French knights . The bloodthirsty confrontation ended with the victory of the Italians .

From that moment Barletta became the city of the Dysfida and today, twice the year in memory of those tumultuous moments is held in February and in September a suggestive event in which the village Antico and Marinaro di Barletta, with the castle, Porta Marina, Piazza della Prefettura and the streets of the center, becomes a stage on which the suggestive show of the disfel in all its moments.

Your holiday between the Castelli di Puglia

The castles of Puglia, witnesses and symbols of power and ingenuity are among the points of interest to touch during your holiday.

To do it by combining the beauty of the discovery and the convenience of a strategic support point it may be useful to book a holiday home between Trani, Barletta and Andria in the area of ??the Imperial Puglia. Discover the accommodation for you among the many of barbarhouse , so as to live your next trip in total relaxation.