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7 ideas for a romantic weekend in Salento

 L’love lives of beauty. That of two hearts coming together but also the beauty of the experiences, places to visit along with to create precious moments of intimacy. 

If you are in search of ideas for a romantic weekend by the sea, we suggest a holiday in Salento, in Puglia, a land rich of passions and feelings, like its people.

Version of nightlife you know him already, and you`ve certainly seen its long sandy beaches and the crystal clear sea. But the Salento is also a strong romantic for all the lovers or for those who want to fall in love. 

In this post we suggest some travel itineraries in the Salento from Lecce to Leuca, to discover hand in hand in the of a very sweet couple weekends.

You will discover trails overlooking the sea, the alleys where to take the first kiss, the rites beneauguranti and views are perfect for taking the most beautiful photos of your love story.  

If you are looking for the fairy tale, here. 

romantic weekend in salento


Holidays in pairs: the most romantic places of the Salento

Organize a romantic vacation in Salento and surprise the person you love! We suggest you 7 places that you absolutely must see, beautiful in every season of’year.

Why not c’is a period in which the Salento does not know how to excite visitors: getting lost between l’smell of the flower of the olive trees, and breathe l’s fresh air of the Mediterranean, stroll through historic villages are always good ideas.

Therefore: what to do during a couple holiday in Salento? What are the most romantic places to see?

You tell us: 

the most romantic places of the salento


L’sunrise on the sea of Palascia, a good omen for your love 

A’alba, such as that of Otranto, l’have never seen it. Bet? Meanwhile, because it is the first d’Italy, being Otranto, the easternmost city of the peninsula: the sun overlooking the sea, when in the rest of the Country is still dark. And then, for its color is particularly intense, which is reflected on the’water in a game of mirrors that will make you start the day with dreamy eyes.  it Is also said that the “first smile of the sun” is also a auspicious for the beholder: a true blessing from’s up for your love.

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Castro alta, a medieval village overlooking the blue

Is as a large balcony. Castro, 20 km from Leuca, has a ancient village situated on a panoramic hill. A place that really has all the credentials to host your fairy tale of love. There is a castle beautiful of the beginning of `500, the cathedral of 1100, with narrow cobbled streets that intertwine and a gorgeous panoramic that overlooks the sea, where you will find bars and clubs, and delicious for a cup of coffee or an aperitif. All around, the messapian walls that surround can be covered by a belvedere astrampiombo sea with olive groves, dry stone walls and tarrrazzamenti: a glance at the magnificent. 

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Lunch on the shore of the sea with the typical dishes of Salento

romantic dinner on the beach


Food and the South: a’assonance for anything random. Already, because in these parts the good food is really a guarantee of quality and taste. And if you tasted in a restaurant overlooking the sea, with a view that is lost on the’horizon, well, the magic is assured. The menu suggested, of course, that`s typical: you can`t leave Salento without having tasted ciceri e tria, pitta, sagne ncannulate, orecchiette and minchiareddhi, pucce, pittule, or the meatballs of the grandmother. The salento cuisine reflects all the nuances of its territory: the basic ingredients are the fruits of the earth, poor food, and healthy. The organic, here, is not a trend. Is the rule, always.  

Otranto, a village of art with a middle east flavor 

To walk together in the old town of Otranto is a’s truly impressive. Otranto is a city art, elegant and sinuous, like a cloud of incense.

You will stop at every corner to take pictures: there are alleys and glimpses of the rich cultural influences seem to postcards from distant countries. The lots of shops that open to the sides of the narrow tunnels of the village, are a’s a precious occasion for shopping and to give you pieces of crafts are unique, both in lecce stone, in pottery, but also jewelry, jewellery, souvenirs of your weekend. If you are a fan d’art, also visit the cathedral of Otranto. You will discover all of the secrets of his mosaic a floor, a story in images-rich mysteries yet to be deciphered, between echoes of Dan Brown, the medieval legends  and calls on the Templars. And, before declines in the sun, then don`t miss the beauty of a aperitif at sunset. The walls of Otranto, are full of local and bistro overlooking the sea: from here, you`ll find effortlessly to the contours of the mountains of Albania and the Greek coast, leaving you to enjoy the silence, colors, scents, and by the immense blue. 

hand in Hand in the historic centre of Lecce

romantic weekend getaway to lecce for couples


Cross the Port of Naples to reach the historic centre. Walk along the Via Palmieri, then reach Piazza Duomo, one of the most beautiful squares in d’Italy, with its sacred atmosphere and I knowave, a real gem. Lecce is beautiful throughout, always, everywhere. L’air that you breathe is drenched in grace and culture, of hospitality, and accordions that peep out from the alleys during a walk. Portals, spires, columns, palaces and balconies coloured in the historic centre oozing with history and beauty. You eat and drink well, enjoy it so much. Shopping enthusiasts will find bread for his teeth, those in search of cultural insights will not have to choose from, who wants to have fun will be able to rely on local and entertainment of every type.

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Leuca, a gate to the paradise

Santa Maria di Leuca is a magical place and the spiritual together. Here the land ends and starts the’infinite. There could not be a more romantic place to swear eternal love. We are on the’ extreme geography of Italy, dominated by the colours: the blue of the sea, the red earth, l’amber of the stones, the green of the olive trees and prickly pears. Everything here has a special charm. If it were also realized in the’ancient Leuca was considered to be the gateway to Paradise. 

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Gallipoli, the town where they beat two hearts

His name means "beautiful city". Gallipoli stands on an island, the sea, the embraces, the caresses, gives it character. Are two, quite distinct, its souls: the old, the old village of fishermen, with narrow streets and white walls of lime; the modern, with the town, dressed to the nines, full of sequins, shopping, d’elite, lights and comfort. Both, however, tell aloud their maritime vocation. And in these parts there are the most beautiful beaches of Puglia, like the ones from long and sandy to Green Bay, the beach of the Purity and Punta della Suina. Your romantic weekend getaway could not be in better hands.

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weekend for couples in the apulia region in gallipoli


Well. Now that you have the itineraries for your weekend in Salento, you just missing a love nest: choose one of our holiday homes, you`ll find plenty in all the Salento, intimate and beautiful, close to the places you want to visit.

Choose your holiday home following this link : please select the city you want and book the period that most interests you. Your romantic weekend begin!