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THE rites of Holy Week

The mystery of the hooded heads, the procession of the Desolate, along the walls, the march of the brothers, barefoot, until dawn and the rhythm of the trozzula that wraps around the narrow cobbled streets. The rites of Holy Week are the emotion, the devotion, the story of the ancient peoples who have lived on this earth. Stories of Crusaders passed through on the way to Jerusalem, the Byzantines, the Swabians, the Angevins, the Aragoneses. The pilgrimage of the "pappamusci" of Francavilla Fontana, the singing of the Passion in griko in Salento Greece, the slow pace of the "perduni" of Taranto and Pulsano, the bbubbli bbubbli of Grottaglie and the rites of Ginosa in the suggestive landscape of the ravines. Traditions that run through the whole of Puglia and mark indelibly the memory of those who live, and who deserve to be discovered during the Easter holidays in Salento.

the rituals of Holy Week


The traditions of Easter in Salento

The announcement of the feast of the morning Easter let the joy explode with the outbreak of the caremme (or quaremme), phantoms similar to the old peasants of the time. Are exposed to Ash Wednesday, ask for sacrifices, and fasting for Lent, and by the widows of the Carnival, dressed in mourning. From Easter onwards, however, there is no more place for sadness, nor for sacrifices. All is joy, color, fun.

of THE flavors of Easter

The happiness of the party also passes from the table and from the good flavors are handed down from generation to generation. The Cuddhura or Cuddura, for example, comes from the ancient Greek (koullura) and represents a tarallo braided with a hard boiled egg in the center, a symbol of fertility. The most nice shapes take the name of pupa (doll) and caddhuzzu (gallo), made of pastry dough and decorated with colored ribbons. Thegnellini almond paste, allude to the Lamb of God and a symbol of Resurrection.



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