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The feast of the Lamps, and de lu Cuturusciu in Calimera in the Salento

Events, shows and festivals in Puglia and in Salento: have you ever heard of the Feast of the Lamps, and de lu Cuturusciu of Calimera?

 L’s appointment, the 21 and 22 June 2019, in the Salento, is really particular: the protagonists of the festival are the colorful lights tissue paper, true works d’art interwoven only with string, bamboo canes and iron wire! The result is a the ancient village of the Grecìa Salentina, one of the few that is still authentic, is lighted by dozens and dozens of light sculptures, stars, boats, kites, animals: a celebration of a very special, must see!

the feast of the lamps, and de lu cuturisciu of calimera in salento



Calimera and the Grecìa salentina – The area (maybe) don`t know

Calimera, in griko Kalimera, it means “hello”. And it is not at all the case: the days here, in this small and welcoming town of Lecce, are blessed by the sun and the beauty.

Just look around you. Everywhere are reminders of hellenistic, taxes, and traces of a glorious past that so the past is not: in Calimera you still breathe the history, the culture, the true origins of the Salento.

If walking around its streets you feel l’echo of a pinch peeking from the windows, or a stornello rattled off in Greek (the local language)… well, welcome in the heart of Salento!

The little town is 17 km from Lecce and 14 from the sea of Melendugno, sull’s Adriatic. The famous Cave of Poetry, one of the natural pools, the most beautiful d’Italia, is also very close. That will be, perhaps, that creates l’aura romantic and inspired you feel in the area.

If you want to spend your holidays in Salento, in each case, write down the name of this village.

the feast of the lamps in calimera June in salento


Lampposts and cuturusciu: for those who is in holiday in June in Salento

Every year for the summer solstice, in June, just as the sun is to its nth power, l’dazzling Square of the Sun and the streets of the the historic center of Calimera are full of lights and colors to the beat of the music.

And the real treat, they are the streetlights, wonderful and imaginative lamps of every shape, unique in their kind, made by the people of the place with string, bamboo canes and iron wire.

Adults and children, no difference: prepare the lights, is a ritual that begins many months before, that unites the community and strengthens its roots.

the feast of the lamps of the calimera


AND lu cuturusciu? Cos’it is?

Is a tarallo rather large, almost a donut, which brings with it all the typical flavors of this land.

To make it special, besides the taste, is the story that leads you behind, able as never before to tell the authenticity and the customs of times gone by. When the bread was still in the house, in fact, lu cuturusciu was the dough stuck on the sideboard, insufficient to become another stick but enough precious not to be thrown away. A little bit of oil, water to soften, coarse salt and a pinch of pepper, giving this donut that taste, that with the passing of time has never lost its charm.

Inevitable, of course, during the Feast of Lamps, is the music that accompanies the joy of the feast: the pizzica, of course, the songs of peasants, the chants traditional. With a good glass of apulian wine, a negroamaro or primitivo. That never hurts.

cuturisciu typical dishes of the salento


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the sea of san foca melendugno salento