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The adventures of Trullalleri, the protagonists of the heroic Tales


THE Trullalleri are the inhabitants of an enchanted kingdom Trullolandia: in a few days will enter in the homes of children all over the world together to the magical recipes of puglia. 

Move quickly between the beautiful trulli Alberobello, guided by the skilled hands and the magical powers of the Miss Frisella. Are the Trullalleri, the protagonists of the “Trulli Tales. The adventures of Trullalleri”, new cartoon series set in Puglia. The the story develops in 52 episodes by 11 minutes, written by the sisters lecce, Maria Elena and Fiorella Congedo, inspired by an old book shown of the publishing house Leave.

To Trullolandia, which is located at the foot of an ancient olive grove, la boulangere Miss Frisella holds the book dictionary of Nonnatrulla and teaches the magical recipes of puglia (and not only) to the school kitchen where has four small apprentices. The purpose is to make people understand that all the foods are good, especially genuine ones such as legumes, fruits and vegetables, and cooking takes care of the other, as it happens in the renowned kitchens of puglia that conquered the palates of all over the world.

And so, after winning filmmakers and directors, screenwriters and set designers around the world, the Puglia arrives between the plates of the cartoons animated. The series will air in Europe, Africa and the Middle east to starting from December 11th, on Disney Junior, the channel 611 of the Sky and, in the spring, also on Rai Yo Yo. 

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