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Cosplay, and Comics, for a holiday fantasy in Lecce

Superheroes are your passion and dreams immerse yourself in their world of fantasy that is anything but virtual? If the the answer is yes, prepare your suitcase and come in holiday in Lecce for a weekend fantasy all in the name of the manga, and cartoons.


Between a Thor hammer, a game of Quidditch, a challenge to the last games, and a song performed by the the legendary Sailor Moon returns to the Lecce Cosplay & Comics, an exhibition dedicated to the world of manga, comics, games, and cosplay. Saturday 24th and Sunday, march 25, two days of workshops, meetings, competitions, games, exhibitions, markets, children`s games, workshops, and entertainment shows with international guests, operators, and fans from all over the south.

The fourth edition of the convention dedicated to the the world of fantasy and comics, with particular attention to the manga and to cartoon, held in the complex of Lecce Fairs in Piazza Palio. In the capital of Salento are called and gathered fans of all ages, cartons animated, sci-fi `80s, sagas Marvel and Dc Harry Potter and the whole universe videogame of the `30s: a happening on the comics, in the games and cosplay among the most prestigious of Puglia.

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Rich the program of initiatives over 50 events and guests of the two days, including the comics Italian Easter Qualano, the signature of Marvel Comics, Disney, Pixar, etc., Antonio Zone, designer also of the Ninja Turtles, Gi Joe, Devil, The Punisher, and the the cover band “The Stars of Hokuto”, which is famous for the addictive show with over 50 initials of the cartoons from the 80`s to 2000, in calendar to 19.30 Saturday. Lecce Cosplay, and Comics is held in Lecce Fiere, piazza Palio, 24 Saturday from 10 am to 21.30 and Sunday March 25 from 10 to 20. Tickets: 6 euro.

The fair of the comics, it`s a good opportunity for exploring in a weekend all the sights of Lecce. Discover what to see in Lecce in 3 days during your holidays in Salento. If the comics and the beauties of Lecce, you have convinced me, book your house holidays from from our online catalog.

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