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Christmas in Salento, the Ferrero imagine so


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the Lights are golden and the atmosphere magic, over that sweet, elegant and quiet. The village of Lower Salento it is set for Ferrero Rocher

The small haven of the beauty that is the historic centre of Presicce from yesterday is more bright. Chosen as the set for the making of the film and of the spot christmas of Ferrero Rocher, in fact, the village of the Head of Leuca has been decorated by elegant and graceful illuminations golden will remain installed until the day of the Epiphany.

The company Ferrero of Alba has chosen Presicce where you can still walk the streets of the city and let yourself be embraced by an authentic atmosphere, from a neighborhood, simple but nice, a sense of real community, which is essential for streaming video the emotions of Christmas.

To enhance the beauty of Presicce, that is among the most beautiful Villages in Italy, Ferrero has chosen to illuminate the historic centre and, in particular, square Villani, via Marchese Bold, the Church Mother, the Palazzo Ducale with the hanging gardens.

In order to fully live the charm of the old and true, of Presicce and Capo di Leuca, book a holiday in Salento in one of our holiday homes in the area of Leuca. Here all the availability of 2018.