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Christmas Holiday in the sweet Salento

Each party has its own dishes. Spend the holidays in Salento, in the summer or Christmas, it means to taste the taste of the cuisine. In the last decades, the tradition of food and wine is finally output from the handouts and recipe books secrets of the grandmothers to enter the menu of taverns and bakeries, allowing herself to be discovered by tourists. On the tables in the feast of Christmas, in Salento, there are in particular some of the dishes that can`t be missing, a kind of good luck with recipes such as fish almond paste or the “purcidduzzi” that, bite bite, accompany the senses and hopes toward the new year with some small certainty, at least of taste.

Here are the recipes of the desserts of salento, typical of christmas.




Honey, cinnamon, anisini: a sea of sweetness in which to sink our fingers and pick the fragrant “purcidduzzi” and the beautiful “cartellate”, these typical sweet spread across Puglia. These desserts made simply with durum wheat flour, white wine and salt, fried and served with honey, cinnamon, almonds, pine nuts or colored anisini, have ancient origins. You can find during the holidays even in the pastry shops, and, recently, also in the ovens, always the most stocked and varied.




The fish at Christmas, lamb at Easter, sweets on all other occasions: the almond paste is never missing in the main celebrations that unite families and friends around a beautiful table. Many ladies still prepare at home by hand the almond paste, others buy it as is the tradition at the monastery of the Benedictines at Lecce , or, again, in one of the many bakeries that are dedicated to the preparation of these delicacies. The fish almond paste usually has a filling of sponge wet with liquorino type Benevento, faldacchiera, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and jam or pears, or quince. A goodness from the unforgettable taste.




The name of the pillows of the Child Jesus recalls the shape and the whiteness of these particular biscuits stuffed with crescent-shaped or rectangle, which are prepared on the occasion of festivals, in some countries especially in the Salento area. L`dough easy is made with flour, olive oil, sugar, a pinch of salt and water, and is spread with a rolling pin until they become very thin. The various portions of dough are stuffed with a teaspoon of grape jam and closed up to be fried and, once cold, sprinkle with icing sugar. Some of the variants they want them the most delicious fragrance dipped in honey.




The pitteddhe looks like a tart but less sweet, and represent the poor sweet par excellence of the rural traditions. The dough is prepared with durum wheat flour, olive oil, grated lemon peel and a pinch of salt, and made thin by a rolling pin. The filling is a base of “mustard”, that is, jam prepared with wine grapes. The pitteddhe are cooked in the oven, and then stored in tin boxes or in earthenware, to preserve the fragrance.

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