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COVID-19 2021 cancellation policy

Coronavirus cancellation policy

Is it safe to travel right now? Here`s our reservation and cancellation policy during covid-19 period.

Last update: February, 2nd 2021

We constantly and carefully monitor the Italian official directions made by the government, the regional health authorities and the President of the Puglia region, Michele Emiliano.

This is the updated Coronavirus cancellation policy for reservations regarding Summer holidays in the area of Lecce, Taranto, Brindisi, BAT and Bari.

What we are doing to confront the present situation due to COVID-19 at BarbarHouse s.r.l.

Even though the second wave of the virus led us to a safer and more aware management, we consider appropriate lessening the results of the uncertainty that charaterizes this period, by adopting balanced policies that protect the travellers, the owners and our organization, our staff and the agencies that are bound to our income.

Just like every tourist paid with his own savings for a holiday that may not come true, it exists an owner that relies on clear and certain cancellation policies and on a respective income, in order to pay loans and salaries.

We, at BarbarHouse s.r.l. have decided that the client/tourist will not lose the paid deposit if there is an objective cause that leads to the cancellation due to coronavirus (covid-19). The tourist has two possibilities:

  • voucher that is to be used on the same property by March, 16th 2022 for a stay by December, 31st 2022.
  • partial refund (50%) of the paid deposit with the loss of the remaining 50%.

Objective causes of cancellation are: lockdown in Italy, inability of travelling due to the Italian governmental limitations, governmental restrictions in the region Puglia, mandatory quarantine of the client/tourist that made the reservation or one of the guests transmitted at the moment of the reservation and already on our system: particular cases that are to be effective exclusively during the period of the reserved stay.

Non-objective causes of cancellation are: foreign governmental limitations, fear of travelling, personal prohibition of travelling that are not pertinent to the actual health emergency, vacations variation, job loss, annulment of an event that is subjectively important, cancellation of a flight.

Please, pay attention, even though BarbarHouse s.r.l. is a Travel Agency and a Tour Operator, we don`t use holiday packages but we only are intermediary of tourist locations in accordance with the law on short rents (D.L 50/2017).

Therefore, the reservation voucher of BarbarHouse s.r.l. does not represent any travel document suitable for travel companies.

Reservations with check-in until December, 31st 2021

The client/tourist will not lose the paid deposit and he will have two possibilities:

  1. receiving a voucher equal to the paid amount
    1. The voucher is valid for a reservation on the same property until December, 31st 2022
    2. If the property is not available for the request period, the voucher is valid for any other property on our catalogue when the reservation is made
    3. In order to obtain the voucher, it is mandatory to accept it in writing, through our inner messaging system or by an email where every term is indicated.
    4. The voucher is to be used within a year, that is by March, 16th 2022 for any stay, by December, 31st 2022
    5. If it is not used by that time limit, the paid deposit is entirely lost.
    6. Once the voucher is used, it will not be possible to change the dates of the stay and the standard contractual conditions will be applied.
    7. The change of the period implicates the application of the prices in effect on the new period, it being understood the minimum price already expected for the original period. Therefore,
      1. if the period of the new stay hasa superior rental price, the client will have to pay the price difference
      2. if the new period has an inferior rental price, the price of the new reservation will be the original price.
  2. receving an immediate refund of 50%
    1. it is not a right to refund: the refund in this case has a transactive nature and it implicates the loss of the remaining 50%.
    2. In order to obtain the refund, it must be accepted in writing through certified electronic mail or registered letter, where it is indicated every term.
    3. The refund will be issued within 8 weeks from the approval of refund by BarbarHouse s.r.l. on the IBAN coordinates indicated by the client.

Vouchers that were confirmed in 2020 and new reservations made from January, 1st 2020 with check-in from April, 1st 2021

  1. The deposit in order to confirm the reservation is reduced to 30% (instead of 40% as per our standard policy).
  2. The client/tourist may ask for a free change of dates at least 60 days before the check-in only on the same property; the new reservation must take place in 2022, until December, 31st 2022. If the property is available for the selected period, the reservation can be only confirmed with contextual and simultaneous payment of the expected balance. The new reservation must be made by March, 16 2022. Therefore:
    1. The unavailability of the property for the requested period implicates the possibility of using the paid amount on any other property in our catalogue;
    2. The missed payment of the balance by March, 16th 2022 will result in a loss of the paid amount which cannot be used anymore on a new reservation.
    3. Every message must be only sent through our inner messaging system.
  3. If there are new cases of infection that are declared by the governmental authorities or new restrictions imposed by region Puglia that create new objective causes of cancellation, the client can ask for a change of dates of the reservation:
    1. on a new period in 2021 without losing the deposit (just once, unless there is a new objective cause of cancellation)
    2. on a new period in 2022, by integrating a 20% additional deposit (for a total of 50%) within 7 days from the request of the cancellation of the reservation for the period in 2020, otherwise the already paid 30% is to be considered lost. The new period must be chosen by March 16th, 2022.
  4. If the reservation is made within 30 days from the check-in date, the reservation and cancellation policy is standard, so if the client decides to cancel the reservation for a subjective cause, the paid deposit is to be considered lost. In case of a cancellation less than 14 days before the check-in, it is required the payment of the fee as per the general terms and conditions.
  5. If the client decides to cancel the reservation for subjective causes, it will be applied this special cancellation policy:
    The tourist shall cancel the reservation through registered letter already disclosed through fax at the number 0833 19 01 114 or through email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it at least 14 days before the arrival date. In this case, the client will lose the full sum paid as deposit. If the reservation is cancelled less than 14 days before the arrival, the client, in addition to losing the paid deposit, shall pay the agency a 20% fee of the rental price, for a total of 50%.

Booking and cancellation policies for reservations from OTA

Bookings from booking.com, homeaway, airbnb, expedia and any other OTA is subjected exclusively to the reservation conditions provided by such OTA. BarbarHouse s.r.l. is subjected to the imposed reservation conditions and so it can only act on what expected.

Updated policy that is valid until February, 1st 2021

The reservation policy valid for reservations made until February, 1st 2021, are indicated here: https://www.barbarhouse.com/en/conditions-of-sale/policy-trip-cancellation-coronavirus-may-2020.html