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Guide of Otranto: What to do, What to see, the Sea and the Beach

We are in the south-east of Apulia, on the Adriatic, where there is the Town of Otranto, in the province of Lecce, magical place to spend the holidays, and to appreciate the good cuisine of salento, to enjoy the sunrise and see the mountains of Albania to live in the full Salento.
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Otranto (Puglia), the charm of the old city

Was a city very important Otranto in the past centuries. To this he gave the name to the whole of the southern part of Apulia, the Salento, today the favourite destination for national tourism and leisure travellers from around the world, drawn in ancient times on the maps as "Terra d`otranto". 

the beauty of The historic centre, which stands proud as an elegant balcony fascinates by telling the story of the eight hundred martyrs who, during the siege by the turks in 1480 were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam. 

On these walls the writer Maria Corti imagined the idruntini clung in an effort to make the defence of their town, and described them in the famous novel “The hour of all”, and also Carmelo Bene loved Otranto and had chosen to live. 

Overlooking from these high walls overhanging on the sea, you can almost see the point where the Adriatic and the Ionian sea are intertwined in what is well known as the Otranto Channel, the point of shortest distance between the coast and the Italian and balkan front. 

point more to the south-east of Italy lies yes in the territory of otranto, but it should be sought further down, along the coast and rugged that runs to the Punta Palascìa where scans the horizon with a majestic lighthouse. Otranto is the description with the city centre, the sea, the nature of postcards that remain forever in the hearts and in the eyes of those who pass by here, as the colors of the spectacular cava di bauxite, just outside the centre. 

The ancient village is part of the Unesco world heritage site and among the most beautiful Villages in Italy.

What to see in Otranto

If we ask ourselves at Otranto, from what I see you open two large veins: the lovers of the beauties of nature and the countryside, and lovers of art and history. We try to accommodate all of them.

The promenade of the Heroes is the best way to explore the old town of Otranto. 

Along the alfonsina tower and cross over to the adjacent Port Land means immersing yourself in a city within a city, a maze of alleys and narrow streets that have never seen the car. 

The ancient paving stones that guide the steps through the low houses, historic buildings, shops and workshops not only souvenirs, but also clothing and crafts typical of salento. Nice bars and restaurants, the ascent and descent, on the steps and in the charming squares that open up along the promenade. 

The Otranto Cathedral romanesque is a mandatory stop where you can admire the magnificence of the floor mosaic of Pantaleone that tells the whole story and the medieval culture through symbols and pictures. Not only that, the chapel side preserves in display cases transparent to the skeletons of the heads of the 800 martyrs decapitated in 1480, while the crypt underground fascinates with its capitals are all different. 

Charm of the East gives the the church of San Pietro, the highest expression of byzantine art in Puglia. 

Inspiration for the first gothic novel in the history of literature written by Horace Walpole in 1764, the castle of Otranto`s aragonese form with the walls a unique defensive system built by Alfonso of Aragon between 1485 and 1498. Today, the Castello Aragonese  fully  renovated and hosts exhibitions from around the world,

Down towards the port, on the quay, you can admire the the wreck of the Kater I Rades that collided with a ship of the Italian navy in 1997. The tragedy claimed the lives of 81 people, today turned into a work of art by the Greek sculptor Kostas Varotsos.

The sea of Otranto, the beaches and the coastline

Otranto and the sea is an intense blue throughout the stretch of the adriatic coast from torre dell`orso, Santa Cesarea Terme. however, who says if the sea of otranto is the adriatic sea rather than the ionian sea is not wrong. In fact, the charts indicate that the end of the ionian sea is the strait of otranto, as it is commonly known that both the adriatic sea. 

By Alimini Lakes north of Otranto (the beaches of alimini, south to the small bay of Porto Badisco, the coast of otranto, is about 20 kilometres, at times breathtaking for its beauty. 

The Alimini are a lake system consisting of two reservoirs at which, on the coast, are the beautiful white sand beaches among the most beautiful of Salento, with shallow, crystal clear water, lush pine trees, and entire stretches of mediterranean vegetation. 

this Will mostly be beaches occupied by tourist villages and resorts, and evening turned into night clubs. 

The wind in Otranto is almost always favorable for lovers of kite-surfing and windsurfing.

Short sections are also allocated to the free beach. To reach the beach you need to park your car in one of parking areas on the road. 

Very attractive landscape in a stretch of the Alimini where is still visible a piece of the wreck of the ship “Dimitros”, which ran aground here on the 19th of December 1978, sloping on the side, and remaining there for his eternal rest cradled by the waves.

The " Bay of the Turks is one of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia, in the protected oasis of the Alimini lakes: here it seems that landed the turks when devastated Otranto in 1480. The area is wild and pure, the bay is reachable by foot through a small forest, and is characterized by eroded rock, caves and coves, some accessible only by sea. 

Much loved by surfers it is the stretch of beach the next, and the Frassanito. Greeted the port of Otranto towards the south, however, the coast is almost rocky and white. 

the Tower of The Serpent dominates the mighty and the small gulf of Orte and whispers to the sea, the ancient legend of the snake who every night went up to the top, formerly a lighthouse, to drink the oil that kept alive and fanned the flame. 

about 6 kilometres from the city there is the beautiful Porto Badisco, of which the coast is a small fjord, probably created over the centuries by a water-course which later became the underground.

Where is Otranto

Otranto is located in the Province of Lecce. To arrive by car: from Lecce take the west ring road until the exit for Researchersie-Otranto. Take the SS 16 in the direction of Santa Maria di Leuca, about 25 kilometres up to the Mesh and from there go on following the indications for Otranto. 

Coming from the other towns of Salento, it is not recommended to cross all the villages like Minervino di Lecce, Uggiano la Chiesa and Casamassella, but prefer the Maglie-Otranto, except along the beautiful coastal road.

The city also has a train station where you can arrive with a winkle of the local Ferrovie del Sud-Est.

Otranto CAP? If you need to send a postcard, maybe to the kind owners who have hosted, the Cap Otranto 73028 (zip code).

Otranto where to stay

don`t miss the opportunity to participate in the upcoming events in Otranto! From  may to October, the municipal authorities also organise a series of folk events, cultural, entertainment and spectacle not to be missed.

You can choose to stay in this strip of land kissed by the sun in a variety of types of accommodation: from holiday resorts for families with children to the hotel on the beach to holiday apartments or the resorts exclusive with a swimming pool.

In our site we propose the best summer rentals of holiday homes in Otranto and the possibility of staying in a agriturismo ai laghi alimini, with direct access to the beach.

Otranto restaurants

the 10 best restaurants in Otranto, according to the latest ranking on tripadvisor, where you can taste the salento cuisine are: Salentosteria, the Restaurant of the Masseria Bandino, Classe80, Sofish, Skafè Baguetteria, ArborVitae, Ristorante dal Baffo, Pi, Diavolicchio Greedy, Agriturismo Tenuta Sant`emiliano, Restaurant, Retro Taste.