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Holiday in Apulia (Italy)

Book holidays in Apulia (Italy)

Among the most beautiful regions of Italy, famous for the beauty of the sandy beaches and steep cliffs over the sea, is the most hospitable to welcome millions of tourists each year who decide to spend their Holidays in Apulia. Follow our tips for the summer of 2020!
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La Dialma
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Le Ali Bianche (luxury top design villa)
Montesano Salentino
Villa Marchesini
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Santa Maria di Leuca
Villa Maria Clara
Campomarino di Maruggio
L`attico di Alessia
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Rosa Marina
Villa Milhouse
Torre Pali
Perla Saracena Luxury Suites
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Masseria Bosco Colombo
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Tips for the holidays in Puglia and Salento

Would you like to spend this year on your summer holidays in Puglia, maybe in August, but have no idea where to start? Would you like to know what are the best structures to decide where to spend your holidays in Puglia? Would you like to know where you can spend the best holidays in Puglia with Children? Well, we are here for you!

The first advice that we give is to decide the type of accommodation, that is, in our opinion, the search for of summer holiday homes for rent in the Apulia region often proves to be an excellent solution to tighten the circle and focus on a specific area where you can spend in Puglia holiday 2020. Remember that the region is longer than 400 km and is divided into 5 large areas, just take a look:

on The Tavoliere delle Puglie

AND’ the largest plain in Italy (after the Po Plain) and covers a very large area (about 4000 square miles) being included to the North by the river Fortore, and to the West by the monti Dauni, the wonderful Park of the Gargano with the beautiful Adriatic sea to the east, and south  from the river Ofanto. 

This area is ideal to spend the holidays with the kids, the beaches are fine sand, which descend gradually into the sea and the many tourist villages that are in a position of advantage (many on the sea front) and super organized. Among the places worth a visit are San Giovanni Rotondo, Margherita di Savoia, Mattinata, rodi Garganico, Peschici, Vieste and the Tremiti Islands are characterized by a crystalline sea. 

The Land of Bari

Takes the whole central part of the Apulia region and welcomes tourists thinking less to sea and more to the culture of the understanding, therefore, the whole of the province of Bari and throughout the province of BAT, led by the wonderful Trani. The nearby Matera attracts tourists from all over the world, and along the sea of Bari, one of the most romantic cities in the world, certainly deserves a special mention. 

Bari is the famous Petruzzelli theatre, opened in 1896. But the land of Bari is also the sea, and the sea! Polignano A Mare thousands of tourists come each year to capture the sea in both winter and summer with original photos. 

Without forgetting that Polignano a Mare was the site of many films by directors of international fame. Puglia for summer holidays has in Polignano a mare his queen!

The Valle d`itria 

Expanses of olive trees welcome you in the magical region of the Valle d`itria, characterized by green valleys and headlands with breathtaking sea views. Very also known as the Valley of Trulli, and includes part of the province of Bari, for almost all of the province of Brindisi and part of Taranto. Absolutely worth a visit Alberobello (the site in the unesco world famous for the trulli), Cisternino, Fasano with its luxurious villas, Locorotondo, Martina Franca with the succulent bowlers to eat, the White city Ostuni, Putignano, especially during the carnival period.

Arco Ionico Tarantino

Stay in this area leaves the feeling of being in Matera because of the same conformation of the territory. the difference here is the presence of a fantastic sea. The area is bounded by a side ofin Murgia, for its part, the northern and the other in the north-west of the Salento.

Is called the Arch ionico Tarantino because it overlooks the whole coastline of the Ionian Sea where you will find the resort towns of Ginosa Marina and The Gravine of Puglia, also known as the “gold mine” of Puglia.

Arco Ionico Tarantino is a favorite place for those in search of to spend in Puglia, a family vacation, the vacation houses are affordable, even in August and there are holiday houses directly on the sea and a short distance from the most beautiful beaches.


tourist Destination in the queen of the summer for many years now. The boundaries of the Salento area are to the north, the Valle d`itria, to the West the Arc Ion Tarantino and all the rest of the crystal-clear sea surrounds the remaining part of the small peninsula. The main towns of the Salento Lecce, Otranto, Porto Cesareo, Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipoli, Pescoluse, The Maldives of Salento, Punta Prosciutto. The young people stormed Gallipoli for their holiday in Salento. Families with children prefer to stay in the best beaches of fine sand, such as Otranto, marina di Ugento such as Torre San Giovanni, to the beaches of Torre dell`orso, a super sponsored by various tour operators, Punta Prosciutto is a real pearl of the ionian sea and the Alimini Lakes that make this earth a region that is absolutely varied and wonderful. Tourist villages in the Salento are easy to find as it is very numerous both in the area of Porto Cesareo in the adriatic coast, on the shores of Torre Dell`orso.

Salento offers all types of entertainment and different types of vacations, from the luxurious villas of Santa Maria di Leuca, homes cheap holidays to Porto Cesareo directly on the beach, and the to the holiday house in Pescoluse in Puglia near the beach of Maldives of Salento.

Salento is very vast and in-turn is divided into Ionian coast in south Salento, and includes the whole of the part of the sand beach of Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo up to Leuca; the Salento Adriatic coast that includes the marine white sand of San Foca, Torre dell`orso, Otranto. The High Salento includes the area of Lecce up to the Valle d`itria and the Salento, which includes the remaining portion of the Heel of Italy, headed by the Capo di Leuca.

Spend the Holidays in Puglia with Kids

Before leaving for the holidays in Puglia there is all the hustle and bustle of things to choose from but the most important is always the destination! It will be a beautiful place for my children? there are entertainment for my children? It will be a safe place to spend the holidays with his family in the Salento? 

Puglia is the perfect place to go on holiday with the children for a number of reasons: it is a beautiful region, there is delinquency, the sea is beautiful and there are so many houses, cheap holidays in Salento where to stay.

Many tourists for its beach holidays with the children, choose a house with a swimming pool or a tourist village. But we recommend that with a sea so beautiful the desire to stay in the swimming pool is not so great. 

The best advice is to go to the beach early in the morning so as not to stand under the scorching sun and find umbrella and sun-beds are free, in this way you can also do a touring holiday seeing more of the beaches as possible. 

of course, in the afternoon, you will not have the “force” to bring the kids to the beach after the "lgold nap" and then book a holiday home with a swimming pool might be useful in this case. 

However, any structure near the sea of sand, even if there is a cross roads, we would like to advise you for your holidays 2020 in Puglia.

Where-to-go to the sea in Puglia with the Kids

To spend a holiday in Puglia with the kids we have many houses directly on the sand, but you could always consider a B&B or a family hotel near the sea and suitable for family.

In Puglia all the sandy beaches are suitable for children, we recommend to avoid the beaches with pebbles or rocks if the children are not accustomed, the risk is that falling can hurt themselves and ruin the holiday, experience to be absolutely avoided.

If the children are very small, there are destinations that are particularly suitable, each family can choose really what is the holiday home that most suits her. Among the most complicated to achieve with the Children are the Tremiti Islands, which needs to take more means to attain it, for the rest all the other localities of Salento are within easy reach.

We are proud to unfurl the beauty of eleven Blue Flag in Puglia, the blue flag is a certificate of purity and cleanliness of the sea and of the surrounding environment, an important recognition of the beauty of our beaches.

In the whole Apulian coast are the Blue Flags in side the adriatic, Carovigno, Ostuni, Fasano, Otranto, Melendugno, Otranto, Polignano a Mare and Margherita of Savoy. in the side-ionic, Hail, Castellaneta, Ginosa.

For those looking to spend the holidays with the children there are so many Green Flags in Puglia. The green Flag is a certification given by the Italian paediatricians to the beaches suitable for children, sea, beach, services, and facilities.

from the beaches that have the green flag we are: in side the adriatic, Fasano, Ostuni, Otranto, Rodi Garganico, Polignano a Mare and Melendugno; in the side of the ionian Gallipoli, Marina di Ginosa, Porto Cesareo, Vieste, Marina di Pescoluse, Marina di Lizzano.

For your holidays in Puglia with children, choose the Salento, the Arc Ion Tarantino, the Land of Bari the Valle d`itria or the Gargano, the important thing is to tell your wonderful experience to our friends and return soon to spend the holidays in Salento.